Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Quickies...

Dear Steve Irwin,

I meant to do that!

The Stingray

While reading Snow White to my sweet baby last night, I realized something. That book is basically about Prince Charming's necrophiliac tendencies.

You are sick, sick man, Mr. Walt Disney..........And frozen.

Dear Michael Jackson,

Beat it!

Yours Truly,

Remember Care Bears?
I guess they're making a come back.
I'm thinking of creating one named "Who". Maybe it could have a "?" on it's belly.
I've also started answering the rhetorical question "Who Cares?", with........."Evidently bears."

I hit 70 followers over the weekend. Now I am back to 68. That's a much better golf score than 70. Thanks leavers.

Dear Children,

Stop murdering me!
First, you cut my face, then tear out my guts!
And to finish me off, you smash my head on the ground!
This has got to stop!

Pumpkin (a.k.a. Jack)


Ducky said...

Dear Ed,

The voices in your head are exceptionally loud today. Please turn them down.

Travis said...

Pumpkins man... Geez. That movie.

Prince Charming was a doucher.

Your Who Cares Bear is the best idea I have ever heard of. Fuck wind energy, lets develop Who Cares Bear!

Michael Jackson and Steve Irwin...not classy.

But. Very funny! Maybe your flu infected funny bone is coming back! Drink some orange juice, you'll be alright.

Moooooog35 said...

Are you sure you didn't mix up the Steve Irwin and Michael Jackson emails?

rachaelgking said...

Care Bears always freaked me out. That Stormy is evil, I swear.

Kristin said...

Love it haha! Walt Disney was a sick man LOL

Im having a blog party to promote my blog and others :) Come check me out!


Aleta said...

Dear Ed,
If I wasn't laughing, I'd be scared.


carissajaded said...

haha i love the who cares bear.. and I think the michael jackson comment was funny. But on the day he had a heart attack (before we knew he was dead) i updated my fb status w/ Dear Michael Jackson's heart, Beat it. People didn't think it was very funny on that day....

Anonymous said...

This was entirely made of awesome and win. Furthermore, Walt Disney was a pervert.

I spelled "entirely" so badly on my first run that I stumped spell check.


Jeff said...

did anyone have a bet on the stingray? smart money was on snakes

Pastor David said...

If you think Walt was sick, you should read some of the original fairy tales as compiled by the Brothers Grimm. Evidently most of them were morality tales intended to scare the Hades out of bad boys and girls and probably a few adults as well. Many, many have creepy and violent aspects. Think Steven King for your children. :-)

anya said...

Lily sent me here. You are twisted. I think I love you.

adrienzgirl said...

Those two followers you lost, yeah they caught the flu from your effin blog dude! AND, so did you asshat. But, I ain't mad at ya, I still love ya. Cause really, who else would or could give a voice to that stingray?

Tracie said...

It is my opinion that many geniuses were seriously demented. Perfect exapmles: Michael Jackson and Walt Disney.


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