Monday, December 17, 2012

Buy Rodney's (aka Moooog) Book!!!...Oh yeah, and long time no see

Rodney (aka Moooog) has written a book.

God help us.

Not that he has ever been lacking for words. But THIS time, he has managed to organize them into coherent trains of thought AND find someone mentally-challenged enough to print them.

Rodney is one of the only people I know shorter than me, and who also happens to be ALMOST as funny as me.



DO IT!!!

1% of all the proceeds go to help the Vertically Challenged. The other 99% goes for beer.

Plus, Rodney is giving away Free Kittens with every purchase. Not necessarily to you, or at the time of purchase, or even alive kittens. This may or may not be true.

*I was not paid for this endorsement. Because Rodney is a cheap bastard. But, he is a friend nonetheless.*

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