Friday, May 4, 2012

Movies, Movies, Movies!

I LOVE movies.
Not that I get to go that much. Thank God for the internet.
But I drop my share of a small fortune at the box office when I can.
This year is shaping up to be the best year for movies in the history of ever.
Just check out what has been released so far:
Underworld: Awakening
Safe House
Act of Valor
The Lorax
John Carter
21 Jump Street
The Hunger Games
Wrath Of The Titans
American Reunion
…and others.

Compared to years past, even that list would make for a decent year.
But just check out just some of the movies still to come (in order of release):
The Avengers
Dark Shadows
The Dictator
Snow White And The Huntsman
Madagascar 3
That’s My Boy
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
G.I.Joe: Retailation
The Amazing Spider-Man
Ice Age 4
The Dark Knight Rises
Neighborhood Watch
The Bourne Legacy
Total Recall
The Campaign
The Expendables 2
Resident Evil: Retribution
Hotel Translyvania
Taken 2
Red Dawn
SkyFall (007)
Breaking Dawn (Part 2)
The Hobbit
The Great Gatsby
….and many more

Sure, there are lots of superhero movies and sequels, but it wouldn’t be Hollywood otherwise.

That town is short on original ideas.

I am probably MOST excited for The Avengers and The Expendables 2.

Yes, the first “Expendables” was a little cheesy and short on plot, but these movies are PACKED with all the GREAT action stars I grew up watching and admiring.

It’s like a REAL LIFE version of The Avengers.

The second one has even more!

Including ARNOLD, Jean Claude, and…..Chuck FREAKIN Norris!!!

I can’t wait!

Which ones are you excited for?


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