Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My first time................Blogging, that is.

How original?! A blog!?!? I must really think I have important things to say. Obviously, if you're reading this, then YOU think I do. Who reads these things anyway? Really, there must be a billion blogs out there. Do we really care what each other has to say that much?
I decided to try this for a couple reasons. First, I was bored. Second, everybody else was doing it. Third, I figured I needed an outlet too. Okay, that was a few, not a couple.
As the title of this blog suggests, it will be primarily lighthearted. I find humor everywhere in almost everything. I have been told my sense of humor is sick, crazy, twisted, dark, and about every other word used to describe something. Speaking of which, I know there's a word that describes that word, but I wasn't sure how to spell adjutive and was too lazy to hit spellcheck.
I intend to post things on here that I find amusing. Hopefully, if you choose to follow this, you will also. If you don't, I am sorry I wasted your time. A lot of people don't get my humor....i.e. my wife...., but occasionally someone will. For those that do, I wish I could say that you will be greatly rewarded with uncontrollable laughter in the future ahead, but that would just put too much pressure on me. Enjoy!



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