Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If You Can't Stand The HEAT, Learn To Man The Hose!

Guess what I agreed to do?

That's RIGHT!

I agreed to join the local Fire Department.

It's only volunteer.

Because I have a real job. (Ouch, BURN.) (Hahaha, I so punny.)

But seriously, it's a small department that only services a community of about 1800, so all the Firemen are volunteers.

I'm friends with some of the guys on the Dept.

Not sure exactly why they asked me to join.

I have a feeling it was to boost their annual calendar sales.

Next year, it's ALL me baby.

Maybe they just needed a bigger hose on the truck.

If you know what I mean. *wink,wink*

Regardless, next year I will be protecting the citizens of Jonesboro, Indiana from the dangers associated with improperly cooked Meth.

Or from trying to start their grills with a can of gasoline.

Or the dreaded burning leaf pile run amuck.

And let's not forget, decorating their walls with my Calendar of AWESOMENESS.

Training starts January 4th and runs until March 28th.

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...


Coffeypot said...

Volunteering for the fire department is a worthy deed. Who else would braved the heights to get a cat out of the tree? Or fight a roaring leaf fire six feet in diameter? You are my new hero.

Sarah Tokeley said...

I'm going to break the rules and be serious for a second. This is a good thing you're doing, well done.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Have fun! My husband did that a few years back. Then we moved.

Angie said...

Be still my ovaries. I'm not sure which of you I like best... LOL

Liza Lea said...

This is awesome! I need a police calendar, Ed!!

VEG said...

You'll need it, dude, judging by those pics. Your giant head and tiny man-ab-body will topple down the first staircase it encounters. Then it mysteriously becomes a tiny head on a big man-ab-body later like some shape shifting piece of evil.

What I'm saying is CONGRATULATIONS cos that's a good thing to do and very honourable and because firemen are all heroic and stuff and ladies might ask you to sign their boob if you get a six pack and save them from a barn. Or something.

Unknown said...

You do resemble Stallone:o

Momma Fargo said...

I did notice a consistent theme. You have a little head. LOL. Good luck. Great job doing a good service to your community.


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