Monday, October 18, 2010

Funny Shows Revised!!!! I Can't Believe It Either!!!

I have to revise my Funny TV viewing list.
Several of you made suggestions on my last post, on shows that tickled your F-bones.
And since I spent the majority of the weekend indoors, tending to a family of chunk-blowers, I had plenty of time for Huluing.
Mike & Molly definitely makes my list. This new show about a couple of fatties falling in love is HILARIOUS. The characters are well written, and they managed to find the funny without relying on the usual fat jokes.  Check it out online, or on Monday’s at 930pm on CBS.
Community, which has Chevy Chase and that naked asian dude from The Hangover, is decent. I originally checked this show out a couple times during the first season, but revisited it again for you. It has some funny parts, but I’m still not sure I’m ready to add it to the list.
30 Rock-A little too political for my taste. Alec Baldwin’s character is hilarious in that dry wit way that Sue from GLEE is. Tina Fey is hot, but comes across as John Stewart’s evil female sit com twin. Traci Morgan is…..
Rules of Engagement- I didn’t get to it. Honestly, I forgot. But I’ll get to it eventually.
Bored To Death-I tried watching the pilot and 1st episode of this HBO show. Figured with Zack Gafalanakadoodoowhatever (bearded guy from The Hangover), Ted Danson, and the geeky guy from Rushmore, it might be promising. There was some dry wit, but mostly pot jokes. I fell asleep twice during the 1st one.
So here’s the new list:
1.       The League-Thursdays 1030pm-FX---About a group of friends who are in a Fantasy Football League
2.       Raising Hope-Tuesdays 9pm-FOX---About a young dude, with help from his inbred father, who’s trying to raise a baby he fathered with a now executed serial killer.
3.       Mike & Molly-Mondays 930pm-CBS---About a couple of fatties finding love in Chi-town
4.       Modern Family-Wednesdays 9pm-ABC---Follows 3 family units that are all part of a bigger mixed family. Hard to describe, but it’s great.
5.       Big Bang Theory-Thursdays 8pm-CBS---A group of nerd friends and their quest to get laid & stuff.
6.       Shit My Dad Says-Thurdays 830pm-CBS---Grumpy old man and his sons trying to reconnect. Based on popular Twitter account.


Miss Yvonne said...

Love love love The League. It's filled with dirty humor and penis favorite kind.

Brina said...

Glad you enjoyed Mike and Molly!

Tiffany said...

Big Bang theory is kind of hilarious. and i've only seen it a few times, but still. my dad loves that show because he's kind of a nerd who thinks he's funny...

Pat said...

Okay, now I watch 4/6 shows. I love Mike and Molly. I think the writing is real sharp.

Although one review for S*#@#$t my dad says was awful, I think it's funny.

Modern Family - hysterical

Raising Hope - again, an accident I can't look away from! (I almost gagged when the son was eating his hair!)

AiringMyLaundry said...

You watch a lot of stuff I watch.

I LOVE Raising Hope!

And Modern Family. Have you seen The Middle? That's pretty good too.

Anonymous said...

The League is freakin hilarious. Love that show. Modern Family is awesome too.

I cant believe Cougar Town isnt on your list. (You know you watch it.)

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you added Mike & Molly because it's freaking hysterical. I too love Modern Family. I'm in tears every time it comes on. I only watched Raising Hope once, but I just couldn't get into it. I don't know what it is about watching white trash families. I never liked Married with Children or Roseanne either. Is that horrible of me? Oh, and Shit My Dad Says has been getting better. I was worried about it the first week.


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