Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday......The late late version......(Beware)

I'm pissed!
The Google/Blogger/Spellchecker guy is effing with me.
See, I am meticulous about spelling. I read, re-read, and proof read all my posts and comments.
Any spelling "errors" I make are usually intentional for comedic purposes only. (I totally just gave away one of my secrets in my heightened emotional state. I bet that's how the masked magician got started down the wrong path)...I digress


Lately, I have noticed errors in my published comments and posts..........OCD Right?
Regardless of opinions about my mental health, this really boils my walnuts.
It's like the little Blogger/Google/Spellchecker nerd is secretly trying to make me look like a tard. I'm assuming he got pissed about all the names I call him, or about my cockiness (which is totally justified when you're my kind of awesome).
Dude keeps changing my finished product! That's wrong!
He's switching my "your" to "you're", or vise versa. Or worse yet, just making them "you" instead.
.....It's like I picked DUMBASS as my type font.
Mind you, those are merely just examples of the editing treachery he's done.
I will find you wee little man. Oh, I will find you.
You may think I sound like Mel Gibson in Conspiracy Theory....or Will Smith in Enemy of the State......but we all know how those turned out.
They were right.
As am I.

Let's see how cute you are after I shove a can of alphabet soup up your Backspace.


Pastor David said...

That would explain that stupid double negative that found it's way into a recent comment I made on one of my blog posts.

It is a conspiracy! First the humor blogs, then the religious comment blogs. What's next?

Deborah said...

What's next,animal blogs... the same things happen to me!!

carissajaded said...

That asshole is always on my back. He's like the blogger's Boogeyman.

adrienzgirl said...

If you picked DuMbAsS as your font, there are a whole plethora of blogs out there that picked "IMaFucKinGMORon" as their font! I have a few that I follow that I suffer through just because I know them on a personal level, or worse they are family, but I have kicked several with great content, but bad grammar, to the curb because I just can't hang with the tards!

Moooooog35 said...

Spellcheck in one of my comments kept telling me that I was spelling 'vaginas' wrong.


Listen, I may not get to see them very often, but I certainly know how to spell it.

Ducky said...

After reading Adrienzgirl I got nothing. Zip nada zilch bigfatzero.

Ducky said...

Oh! I lied...maybe the only thing slightly less infuriating than the checker geek gone wild, is that damn word verification. Can ya do something with that? like turn it off?

Kimberly said...

You know, sometimes I just don't care whether or not I'm grammically correct. Or if my spell check is working or not. But I do have hillbilly in my title so..that says it all, the world has been warned!


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