Wednesday, November 6, 2013

White Guilt - It's REAL

White people are full of guilt. Guilt over some shit that happened over 150 years ago.
Hell, we didn’t own slaves! No white person alive today ever owned a slave.

But we still feel that guilt.
We go out of our way to be extra nice to black people. Even put one in the white house.

It’s the media that keeps that racial tension shit alive.
And the black people.

They will play that card anytime they feel they are being wronged.
“Bitch, why you put pickle on my cheeseburger when I ordered it plain? It’s cause I’m black, it’s it. I bet if a white person would’ve ordered theirs plain, there wouldn’t be no pickle on their shit. You racist M-F’er!”

So we feel guilty.
My wife and I saw that movie Traffic in the theaters. You remember that movie?

After it ended, my wife turns to me and says, “Let’s go hug that black couple sitting over there.”

And I, because of white guilt, was like, “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s do it.”
Then my brain was like, “Whoa…hold up. Are you friggin crazy! You don’t go hugging on some strange black person. Do you want your ass beat?”

I’m like, “Hang on a second babe. On second thought, we’ll just make a donation to the NAACP.”
But nowadays, Arabs are the new Blacks.

Now don’t get jealous black people. I don’t mean we are going to put Arabs in chains and make them do manual labor, only to free them, give them the vote, and eventually pay them millions of dollars to play sports for our leisure.
No, what I mean is, when you see an arab nowadays, like at the seven eleven or the cellphone accessory kiosk in the mall or on a plane…doesn’t your sphincter pucker a little.

Used to be, white people would see blacks, and they would get scared. Lock their doors. Women would clutch their purses a little tighter.
Now, when we see Arabs, we either walk the other way incase they explode, or we get ready to tackle them incase they reach for a detonator.

The poor guy at the kiosk learned that the hard way the other day. I felt bad afterwards. Turns out he was just reaching for his phone to show me we had the same kind.
But white people don’t fear blacks like they used too. We are more worried about them not liking us.

“I sure hope this black guy doesn’t hold what my relatives did to his relatives 150 years ago against me.”


Coffeypot said...

I have NO fucking guilt. And the only fear I have about being close to a black is being cut. I am tired of their racist bullshit. Dude, I REMEMBER the white only water fountains and moving to the back of the bus. Blacks had to go to the back door of a restaurant and get their food to go. These whinny ass bitches today would have been scared shitless back before MLK and his REPUBLICAN crew. I respect any man who works, takes care of his family and tries to better himself by hard work. The rest can kiss my ass... white or black.

Momma Fargo said...

I guess your posts didn't show up in my reader back in November. Of course, it might be because I have been bad at checking blogs. I'm holding everything against everybody past and present. That makes everyone the same color. :)


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