Monday, October 17, 2011

Reunion Update & Demotivational Posters: From Funny Stuff I Found Online

Here's a quick follow-up to the mini-class reunion thing I attended last Friday.

First, the Homecoming Parade. 

Our Town ALWAYS does kickass parades.  The best is 4th of July, but they will have a parade just to have one, it doesn't matter the reason...."Farmer Jim's cow just gave birth, LET'S HAVE A PARADE!!!"

And they ALWAYS do it up right.

Well, it was super cold and windy, so the people carrying signs were basically parachuting and hang-gliding down Main St.

Then, to top it rained.  Yes, it rained on our parade.

Added with the cold and wind, it made the Queen candidates rethink their strapless dress choices.

The Homecoming game itself sucked just as much.
Final score: Mississinewa 20, Madison-Grant 34. 

We headed to the bar, pretty sour after the loss.

Upon arriving, I had that momentary sense that I had been punked by my classmates.

There was hardly anyone there, except a few totally wasted old-timers and regulars.

Then, my classmates started trickling in. Everybody started talking and catching up.

The talking soon turned to shouting, as the DJ cranked up the music.

The waitress had asked what class we were ('93), and the DJ tried playing songs from our era.

Sadly, the poor kid had no idea, as he was probably listening to Barney & Friends in the 90's.

But all was forgiven after he played some of our requests and once enough liquor had been consumed.

Unfortunately, no pictures were taken by Yours Truly. My cell battery was almost dead.

Also, one classmate had warned that if any pics of him at the bar showed up on Facebook, he would lose his job at the local christian college.

Seems some denominations still believe Jesus and HisBoys drank Koolaide at the Last Supper.

I'm Presbyterian, so I had a Holy Heineken. Or 4.

Highlights of the evening: Probably the most complemented thing, besides my Speedo, was my wife Shufflin' on the dance floor to LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem.

I was asked several times if I was still doing Standup comedy, and when I would be doing it again.

FEAR NOT!! I am planning on returning to the stage soon.

Several people said they enjoyed my blog, which I was both flattered by and amazed to learn that many classmates actually read it.

I also learned one classmate doesn't use computers or cellphones. When he told me he was living in Pennsylvania, I asked if he had become Amish, which I thought a legitimate question, even given his lack of chinstrap beard and homely/fat wife.

Overall, about 18 or my 164 classmates turned up. Not bad.

Our FACEBOOK class group has about 110 members, so I thought there might be a few more.

But several have moved out of state, or had work things, or kid things, or some other BS.

A few had the rockhard alibi of being DEAD, but even that only gets you so far.

Regardless, I hope we can all do it again sometime. It was great to see everyone.

Especially the NOT dead ones.

Now, some posters I made...........................


Anonymous said...

Donut ducking autocorrect.

Liza Lea said...

Awesome, I have thought about Liz's shuffling many times since Friday night. I really want to take that to my police officer's ball in one of those "flash mobs", only I need to get my other friends to participate.

Friday night = good times!

Angie said...

LOL I was going to have anal after work too. How odd.

Sarah Tokeley said...

Does your mention of speedos mean you wore the special costume after all?

ipenka said...

Haha, nice to see dead is only a temporary alibi.

My 10 year high school anniversary is coming up, wondering how many people will show up. Still debating whether to attend on my end.

Coffeypot said...

My high school peeps meet at The Varsity (Google it)every other month. They sure have grown old.


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