Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Dad. The Geriatric Rule Breaker.

See this?

THAT is my dad's car.

Well, ONE of them.

Because EVERY 72 yr old NEEDS 4 cars.

But I digress.

Do you see something wrong with that picture?

Here's the sign above the car. It's whited out in the picture because of the sun.

I was meeting my dad at Kmart, where he was paying his Sears bill.

Upon seeing his parking job, I called pops inside.

Dad: "Yellow!"
Me: "Hey Ole'Man! You know you parked in a fire lane, right?"
Dad: "No I didn't."
Me: "Yes you did! You even parked RIGHT under the sign that says 'No Parking Fire Lane'."
Dad: "Well, if you read it backwards it says, 'Parking OK'."
Me: "It wha...?" *blink,blink**reading sign backwards*  "No, it does not."
Dad: "Well, the place isn't on fire, so that lane is free."
Me: "Make sure you tell the cops that."

Further down the lot, I spot THIS beauty.

Yep, a man AND a women piled on that little chopper. THANKFULLY, no kid was placed in the trailer.


Coffeypot said...

You sure you weren't at WalMart in Alabama?

Anonymous said...

The trailer's for...purchases? I hope.

Forgotten said...

Wow. You have really got to quit hanging out in West Virginia...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh holy hell...if they had put a kid in there I'd have lost my shit and clothes lined the sons of bitches. That is insanity. I can understand it being for purchases though.

As for your father...I think it is one of the only perks to get to do stupid shit and claim ignorance.

Pat said...

Just look what you get to look forward to when you get old. Park wherever the hell you want.

That second photo is downright scary. Just proves that old saying: STUPID PEOPLE SHOULDN'T BREED.

Kathryn Loving said...

Not to mention your dad left his windows down and probably his life savings and keys left in the ignition...all open to scumbags in the car...


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