Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday is Funday.....

First, don't forget to enter my funny clip contest. Send me a link/description of your favoritestest funny video clip. Winner takes the smooth Mill in Milton-Bradley paperbond notes. New runner-up prize: Runner up will receive 100 scrotum from Albanian Yaks or Yaks Herders, which ever is easiest to obtain.

And now, a quick recap of my Sunday:
Me and THE brother-n-law used our season Colts tickets yesterday to attend the first home game. Yeehaa! We went early to do a little tailgating. I tried taking some pics with my crappy phone.

That's a view of the Stadium from our tailgating spot 2 blocks away. And here's some from our seats.

(one of the giant score board screens and the big open window)

Before the game, we went to this little bar called The Slippery Noodle Inn, because the 2 vans from "The Bob and Tom Show" were parked in front, and we figured they were doing the pregame from there................. Nope.......But here's our own pregame highlights:

First, the Doorman/Bouncer is carding everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY. He carded some lady in front of us that had grey hair, a walker, and her boobs tucked in her waistband. He's even turning people away if they look younger than their ID says and they don't have 2 forms to prove it. This is a problem, cause I didn't bring anything. My Bro-n-Law goes up, gets carded, goes inside. Right behind him, I say to the bouncer "Are you really gonna card me....(?) .....cause I didn't bring anything since I wasn't driving". Before I can even finish saying this, he's laughing and pushing me inside, while saying "I wasn't even gonna ask you". What the Seacrest!!! HOW OLD DO I LOOK?!?!? The friggin bald guy behind me got carded.....and his shirt said Korean War Vet!

So, were inside this place and it's packed. It's basically nut to butt in there. Nobody's moving. Everybody's stepping on each other. Bunch of people wearing Under Armour shirts. I'm sorry, but that should be the name of a deodorant, not a silky looking shirt that costs $100.....It would probably be a crappy deodorant too......Ads full of lies, "Wear this and sweat like Peyton Manning". GREAT!......Just like when I switched from DEGREE to AXE....I'm still waiting to get tackled at the grocery by a bunch of hot chics....AXE LIARS!......After an hour, we were still by the door. The brother-n-law starts trying to charge people a $5 cover to enter. He almost collects from several, before I bust him......I also noticed the bouncer had one of them wallet-on-a-chain thingy's. It was a REALLY big chain too. I'm like, "Whatcha got in there so important? Is it government secrets? Maybe it's the colonel's secret recipe?".........Later


Maxie said...

sometimes I go home and cry when I don't get carded. I mean I'm 23-- How is it possible that they KNOW i'm old enough to drink.

Travis said...

Under Armor can kiss my fat ass. That's real. When they make something that can fit me without squeezing my belly fat up into my neck, maybe I'll change my opinion of them.

Christina_the_wench said...

Travis sounds hot. Sorry. Did I say that outloud?


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