Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Humpday Humor...........

First things first. I want to share another of my all-time favorites with you. Here goes:

What are some of your all-time favorites? Send me a link, description, or web address. I'll post the funniest one and give you props and a link to your page(if you got one).

And now a quick story from my past:

This one time in High School, a couple of friends and I were hangin out. We were doing the only thing there was to do in a small mid-western town on the weekend, Cruisin'.
Cruisin' is where a bunch of teenagers pile into a single car, and cruise up and down the main strip repeatedly, seeing how much of mom & dad's gas they can waste.
Actually, it's one of those "see & be seen" things that teenagers so crave. Back and forth, over and over, until you run out of gas, the cops run you off, or you stop to grab the occasional bite to eat.
This is where our story begins. My friend, J.T., and I (and two other dudes that I can't remember cause it was almost 20 years ago and I think Alzheimer's is setting in early) had stopped at Hardee's to grab some grub. Me, as my normal self, was being a perfect gentleman (read smartass giving J.T. a hard time). J.T. was eating his fries and trying to ignore me and the guys laughing at him. He wanted to say something witty back, but God only blessed a few of us with a whit this Awesomely Genius...So, he said the only thing he could:

J.T. "If you don't shut up, I'm going to shove this fry us your nose!" (holding up fry for effect)
Me: "Yeah, right!" (overly confident head back laughter)

Then, all Ninja-like, J.T. flicks his wrist.....launching the Chinese throwing fry....five feet across table/booth.....impaling said missile halfway up my nostril.

*shocked silence*

*followed by uncontrollable laughter*

Except for me, as I stared down this ski-slope of mine which had just been violated, in utter disbelief.

J.T. "I warned you!"

*note to self: Beware flying fries and friends with secret ninja skills"


Travis said...

I once stabbed Kid Funk with a straw using a method I had learned for punching holes in potatoes. He didn't back down, because he thought the straw would crumple. He still has the scar. Us ninjas are not to be funked with.

ladytruth said...

Note to self: the chip is an excellent and underestimated weapon.

Travis said...

Here's my favorite. No idea how to post the vid in here. Here's the link.


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