Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kids Are Sucky At Secrets!

Do you know how I know that the Spy Kids & Agent Cody Banks movies could never actually happen, besides the whole Child Labor Law stuff?
Kids could never work for the CIA because they suck at keeping secrets.
And they are too short for retinal scanners, but that’s not my point.
My point is…if kids know your shit, they WILL tell your shit.  To anyone who will listen.
They are like little gossip mongers, or that little lady in your office with all the plants and pictures of her cats who is constantly in everybody’s business.
Don’t trust them.
Bringing my kid and his friend home from the movies last night, I learned more about the friend’s parents that they probably could ever imagine or hoped I would.
It was like a free relationship background, criminal records, and credit check all rolled into one.
Maybe the FBI would hire kids.


Momma Fargo said...

Ha! You are right about that. Funny shit.


Plus kids tell the TRUTH.

Matty said...

Been there, experienced that. I have to wonder what nice little secrets my kids told other people over the years.

Barb said...

So true! And my kids are all about (certain) rules too. Like I can't sneak candy into the theatre because my kids would rat me out!

Anonymous said...

lmao! So true!! I used to volunteer in my kids pre K class, I learned WAY more than I EVER wanted to know.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! My little brother tells EVERYTHING... usually not even on purpose, lol

Anonymous said...

The FBI should use kids, but pay their parents for the service.


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