Friday, October 1, 2010

The Post Show Results & Feedback

I head off stage after hanging up the mic.

There’s a standing ovation, and cheering, and people are throwing rose petals and gold coins in the air.

It could happen.

I hear the MC make some reference to me. Not sure what, but I think it’s about me making fun of my mom. (According to the wife, Charlie said I made cancer the new pink.)

The next comic up is a guy I sat with beforehand.

He was my new best friend
Wish I could remember his name.

I suck with names.

He grabs my hand and tells me “That was great! You did awesome! Good job!”

I make my way over to the staging area.

One of the more experienced comics, who tours the circuit, tells me, “Dude! That was the best first set I’ve ever seen.”

I’m feeling pretty content at this point. After all, that was from a guy who has been on Bob & Tom, tours nationally, and basically does this for a living.

Later, two comedians mention my bit in their set. WOW! Was I memorable, or was that sympathy?

When I finally see my wife, she tells me her impressions.

“Well, you didn’t suck.”…..“You weren’t even the worst one.”

Gee, thanks honey

Then she says, “I’d give it a B.”

Always the teacher.

After the entire show is finished, and we’re headed home, she’s a little more complimentary.

“You looked really cute.”…. “Even though you were trying to be a dick, I think people saw you as really a nice guy. BUT with really big biceps”

I might have added that biceps line just now. But it was implied. She said it with her eyes.

“I would say you were probably the fourth funniest. You were definitely better than the MC. That’s what you should do. You’d be great at that.”

I explain to her, you can’t just be an MC. You have to be asked. And it can take YEARS, if ever.

UPDATE: Later, I find out that one of my old High School classmates came and brought some friends. (Thanks Jenny A.) That’s the reason I made my required 5 guest limit and was able to perform. I asked her for her honest opinion of how I did.

Here is her response:


otherworldlyone said...

So, when are you going to do it again? :)

That One Mom said...

So, when's round 2? You should totally take on unemployment....

Momma Fargo said...

Great job. Now what's next on your bucket list?

Barb said...

You might have added the biceps line, lol!

Pat said...

So in other words, the only person you insulted was your mother, and she was home with cancer? Nice. What a guy!

So when's the videotape posting?

Erin said...

I'm laughing that the wife gave you a B!!! Besides, if she'd given you an A, you wouldn't feel like you had to try very hard NEXT time, right?


Anonymous said...

Way to go! You're brave for doing it. I would have shit my pants.


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