Thursday, September 30, 2010



830pm  The MC Comic, Charlie Lind (aka Buddy Holley’s Gay Nephew—his words, not mine), opens the show. He did a quick 5 minutes of decent improv to get the crowd fired up. Meanwhile, I was setting on some steps in the wings, scanning my notes and trying desperately to slow my heart rate and breathing.

833pm  Another more experienced comic, who had offered me support earlier, comes over to where I’m seated on the setups. He’s not up until later, but has walked clear across the back of the club to reach me. Probably because he noticed me disappear behind the half-wall concealing the steps, and figured I passed out. He puts his hand on my shoulder and says, “You okay?” I said, “Yep. Just using this step light for my notes.” He said, “Just relax. Have fun up there. You’re going to do great.” I wish I could remember his name. Later, I found out he was one of the comics who had been on The Bob & Tom Show.

834pm  I can feel the cottonmouth beginning to take over. I race over to a server and ask for a glass of water to take onstage. She says, “Ok. Just give me a minute and I’ll be right back.” I head back over to my perch on the steps.

835pm  My time is NOW. Still no server or water. Charlie does my intro:

“This next comic is a humor blogger turn standup comic. He describes himself as a life-long smartass and all around dick. Give it up for Ed Adams.”

835pm (and 5 seconds)  I bound up to the stage. My mind is racing like my heart. I set my notes on the stool. I had debated about that. Originally, I planned NOT to take notes onstage. I read where it appeared unprofessional. I knew I didn’t need them (I didn’t even use them), but I was worried that getting a brainfart and freezing up there would appear MORE unprofessional. PLUS, the MC used notes. (As well as most of the other comics.)

835pm (and 10 seconds)  I grab the mic off the stand and hit my opening line to begin my set.

To Be Continued….

Hahahahahaha....Naw, seriously, I'll post more today. It was just too much for one post. Check back in later.


Brutalism said...

Dude. Even Kathy Griffin used notes on stage when I went to see her...nothing wrong with that.

Can't wait to hear about this.

Matty said...

I'm on the edge of my seat.

Moooooog35 said...

Was your fly down?

It was down, wasn't it?

Typical Ed.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I'm sick with stagefright reading this. Seriously sick to my stomach. I don't know how you did it. Good for you, man. Jeez.

otherworldlyone said...

Sigh. T-t-t-today junior!

Coffeypot said...

Shit! More foreplay! Get on with the routine will yah.

That One Mom said...

Just like a man, making me wait... Thanks, shithead.

Erin said...

Dude, that ain't cool. Leavin' us all high & dry?

Momma Fargo said...

Once again...the suspense. Luckily I have fallen behind in reading blogs and will continue in 3 seconds with the next part.


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