Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Old Guy Office Mate Interview World Premiere!!!

You've been begging for it.......And NOW the wait is over!

But first, I want to thank everyone for all the questions you submitted.

Due to time constraints, we didn't use all of them. Old Guy picked the ones he wanted to answer.

Please pay no attention to my winter weight. Lord knows I don't.

Evidently, I think I'm a bear and therefore need to pack on extra insulation for the long winter.

Please DO notice the Colts decor of our office. It's everywhere cause they are AWESOME!

Also, towards the end of the video, you'll notice that I am continuing in my efforts to promote the "Bed-Head" fashion craze.

Without further ado:



Anonymous said...

Aw he's quite adorable! Like a cuddlier, more affable Lewis Black. I'm going to call everyone "honey" for the rest of the day.

Nice interview, honey.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I laughed through this whole thing. For real.

And when he said "Beck-y, Beck-y, Beck-y", I looked around the room and put my hand up to my collarbone all lady-style, like "Who, me?" *blush*

Jenn said...

Anytime I get to ask someone a question, I always ask the hot dog one...He answered it. He's the first person to answer my hot dog question, because he wants to get right in the middle of the BUnnnnnn. HAHAHAHA.

Coffeypot said...

Funny stuff, Ed and OM, but occasionally, especially at the beginning, I could hear some Rodney Dangerfield coming out of him. And how did he get away with just $50? No teeth?

Travis said...


It may have been the reference, but for sure, I just can't get Harey Karey out of my head.

This guy is hilarious.

AND a Sinatra fan?

"I like to go down town."

Daffy said...

Winter weight? Ed dear, I think it was just the sweater.

OG is hilarious! This is probably my favorite post!!!

I did a little dance when you asked my question. Cheetah is just genius!

Carol said...

Best vlog bar none for you Ed!
The OM did a good job and he is right... older men do have it together!!

Nice bed head handsome.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE OGOM!! I already knew that, but I'm glad your interview does him justice. Note the color coordination of his sweater, shirt and the decor. This man has a tremendous sense of style. He's totally a classy guy like Grant and Sinatra (w/an adorable laugh). AND he has a way with the ladies. I think we're all blushing. This vlog is too cute! Thanks also to OGOM for thinking of your wife & kids. I'm totally swooning...and a little jealous of Steamy Becky. If he ever does this again, see if you can get him to sing.

Tony said...

What I will say to Merkin when I get home: "I want to Dowwwn Town!"

What a cool guy...

You're a cool guy too, Ed!

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

That was the cutest thing I have every seen!! I think you and him laughing was seriously the best part! Nice bed head. And Where was my question??!!

Mrsblogalot said...

I'm still smiling...that was adorable

....Both like to go downtown and don't make babies? Oh! So that's how it works!

Life Laugh Latte said...

What a terrific sport! Does he know how much you blog? tee hee. Holly

Just Another Momma said...

That was funny! Loved it.

adrienzgirl said...

OGOM is freakin' HI-LAR-IOUS! He did a great job!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Well, thank god OG is cute and looks like Tom Bosley to make up for all of that damn Colts crap I had to stare at 5:26 of my life.

justsomethoughts... said...

that was funny
he's a keeper

and you're a colts fan
i can deal with that

ScoMan said...

Best policy on sexual harassment ever.

I would adopt it myself, but don't have any coworkers attractive enough to make it worthwhile getting into trouble over.

5thsister said...

Well I guess I must be a "Cheetah" because my toilet paper HAS TO GO OVER THE TOP! LOL! He's a cutie! Are you guys hiring? Could a Carolina Panther fan apply?

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I want to work where you work.

TP over the top!

Cassie said...

OGOM was right, he is cuter than you are. Sorry.

Cassie said...

OGOM was right, he is cuter than you are. Sorry.

Jennee said...

This is so funny! He is quick with comments! Too funny.

kys said...

I must be an idiot (obvs.) because I couldn't hear your interview. There was music playing too and I couldn't hear you guys.

Do you have music on your blog or is my computer doing something weird?

carissajaded said...

That was just amazing. I liked it best when he was like "Steammmmy Becky, Steammmy Becky, Hey Steamy, Becky Becky Becky."

You are so lucky to work with old guy. Are yall hiring?

Noelle said...

what a good sport!

hey...i noticed you seem to be getting around pretty good considering your recent snip, snip.

Ed Adams said...

Veggie Killer: Thanks honey!

Steamy: I'm really glad you enjoyed it. He's a charmer, that one. Of course he made me pull up your picture later so he could see "Steeeaaammmy Beeecky!"

Jenn: He had a blast. Thanks again.

Coffeypot: I should hook you up with his email, since I usually forward emailed stuff back and forth between you two anyway. Cause I'm NOBODY's pivot man, DAMN IT.

Travis: Dude, that video doesn't do his impressions justice. He used to be on the radio. He's got a million. Like Carey Grant, Howard Cosell, W.C. Fields, Jimmy Duranty, Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, and a bunch more.....all spot on.

Daffy: I'm so glad you liked my old guy. He's a lot of fun. And thanks for lying about my weight. I know I'm getting bigger. My 32" waist is now 36" (tight) and my 175lbs ripped is now 210lbs soft. But thanks.

Carol: Thanks. And thanks for recognizing my Bed Head (patent pending) skills.

Elizabeth: I already knew you loved Harry. Now, I have it in writing for court purposes.

Tony: Thanks T. I'm sure Merkin will appreciate you going down.

Lee: We couldn't get to them all, seeing how we were filming on break. I did read all of them to him though. And you know you love the Bed Head (patent pending).

Mrsblogsalot: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed.

Holly@LLL: He does NOW! Thanks.

Just Another Momma: Thanks. We had a blast.

adrienzgirl: He's da Bomb!

Monique: Ha! Them is fightin words, sister! Seriously though, we were cracking up over your comment.

justsomethoughts: Yep, I'll keep him until he retires.

ScoMan: Yep. Well, that sounds like your work has a built in deterrent.

5thsister: Ha! We've got Panthers fans that work there. Although, they usually have their heads hung low in shame. And the VA is always hiring.

WannabeVirginia W: Check your local VA for details. Although, there won't be anyone as fun as us there.

Cassie (twice-HAhaha): Don't apologize for your daddy issues.

Jennee: He's like Quickdraw Mcgraw.

kys: It's your computer, cause there's no music in the video. That's alright, cause then you didn't hear me call you Kris when I read your question.

carissajaded: Becky thought so too. And the VA is always hiring.

Noelle: Yep, I'm back to normal. Good as new. And sorry that I pronounced your name Noel in the video.

Anonymous said...

Holy Schmoly that was hilarious!! Loved the bed head by the way! LOL

Anonymous said...

I go downtown...... After that, I lost it!

A Chee-tah!

I heart him!

Phillipia said...

Awesome that guy:) ..he does not look old...not to me anyway:)

Love the bed-head...on you, it looks...well...okay...

The Princess of Sarcasm said... question.....can he still do that after knee/hip/teeth replacements?

I do like how you asked my questions first. I'm sure it's because of my awesomeness more than the fact that I was a first responder.


No video of the contents of his drawers? Did he forget to groom?

Ed Adams said...

Blue Zoo: YES! Score another for the Bed-Head! Sweet!

Jules: He's single.

Phillipia: See above comment. Actually, see both above comments.

The P.O.S. <--(Hahahaha, that totally sounds like I'm calling you a piece of shit): Sorry, I did read them in the order they came in. Maybe your AWESOMENESS is why you responded first. Couldn't do the desk thing because of Privacy Law concerns. We keep alot of patient identity papers in and on our desks. Sorry.

JennyMac said...

Veggie beat me to the fluffy Lewis Black comment but I swear I was thinking it!


Meagan@Megs7827 said...

So fun! I love your accents! Did anyone else's video stop at 3:08? Stupid computer!

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Wanna make a friendly wager about Colts and Chargers? Because obvi it's one of them winning the AFC.

spleeness said...

Cheetah! I love it. I disagree about the toilet paper though. Always over the top, for efficiency's sake. :)

The Princess of Sarcasm said...

Surprisingly you are not the first one to shorten it to POS. Though the first one is no longer living...

I called her out on it and she thought I was seriously mad. Pssshhhhh!!!!! Hello......Princess of SARCASM!!! I'm all about the jokes and none about the serious. So you can call me POS all you want. Just don't call me fat....or it's on like Donkey Kong.....even if it's true.

And I'm just going to continue thinking the reason you read my questions first is my awesomeness..... *sticking tongue out at you*

Anonymous said...

The bed head fashion craze is back in - you better believe it Mister!!

Corrie Howe said...

If this is any indication of what it's like everyday, then you must have a blast at work.

Miss Yvonne said...

Holy crap, I love this guy! He should have been a baseball announcer.

p.s. Thank you for the 2010 bloggie nomination!!!


i can't listen to it now b/c my daughter is napping but good luck to your colts.

ciara said...

omgoodness this interview was too funny. my hubs asked me what i was laughing at haha i lurves the ogom :0)

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