Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday.....My 100th Post....yay me

This is my 100th post.


I don’t think I’ve ever lasted this long at anything!

I guess stamina increases with age.

Well, certain stamina, anyway.

Sorry honey!.......Perhaps I’ve said too much.

Seriously, a hundred of anything is good.

Be it a hundred dollars, or years of life, or dead lawyers terrorists, or puppies, or smiles.

Ok, maybe not everything.

Like if the hundred dollars was how much you lost on the World Series. Stupid Yankees!
Or, if the 100 years was actually a prison sentence.
Or, if the 100 dead terrorists were dead because they blew themselves up in crowded places and took a bunch of innocent people with them.
Or, if the puppies were all rabbinous like Cujo and wanted to gnaw on your Milkbone.

But surely 100 smiles would always be good.

Unless they’re plumbers crack smiles. Then they are only partially good.

What was I talking about originally? <----still thinking about plumbers butts

Oh yes, my 100th post.

I thought about doing a roast like Travis did.
But I’m too lazy for all that.
Besides, you guys always say mean things to me in the comments anyway. So what would be the difference? *cute pouty face*

I also thought, maybe I should just hang up my keyboard.
100 is a good enough number, maybe I should go out on top.

Just like Brett Favre or Michael Jordan.

I would hate to be one of those guys that stick around too long, like Bill Clinton or Mohammed.

Yeah, maybe I should just quit.

Okay, I’m past that already.

You all know my fondness for the word “Ditto”……If not, go there. I’ll wait……..
My buddy, Coffeypot, posted this funny pic the other day, which I am totally stealing, but since I’m giving him credit it’s okay, says me.

I am totally trying this Geniusness next year, even though my neighbors don’t put up lights.
Mine will have to say, “Ditto Over There Somewhere”, though.

I’m also thinking about doing the same with Christmas cards this year.
Every time I get one in the mail, I’ll open it and say “Aww, how nice!”
Then I’ll write “Ditto” inside and mail it back to them.

That’s recycling.

I’m just doing my part for the polar bears.

I might just reseal the envelope and write “Return to Sender” on the outside.
That saves stamps and ink and money and effort.

Recycle WIN!


Meagan said...


adrienzgirl said...

Congrats on your 100 achievement! Your stamina is noteworthy. TWSS.

justsomethoughts... said...

doing one's part for the 100 polar bears is a noble cause indeed.


here's to a hundred more.


Daffy said...

You know... I may just have to poach the Christmas card idea....

Reading your post was good for something afterall! Congrats on lasting to 100

Travis said...

I'm so proud right now, I'm about to burst!

Well, I'm about to burst cause I have to go pee.

But yeah, 100 posts is a serious thing! We're heroes!

It seems like just yesterday we were starting one following us...

We've blown up. Not officially, but for realsies, we're the shit.

Anonymous said...

100, that's doing the deal real good.

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

You don't even need to write "return to sender on there". Just take the stamp off and drop the letter in the mail and it will get sent to the return address.

Tgoette said...

100 Congrats Ed! It's a great accomplishment for you and 100 great reads for your followers! Cheers!

Stacie's Madness said...

seriously? the Christmas card idea is GENIOUS!

Lauren said...

Congrats on 100! Love the recycling win. Awesome.

The Crap Blog Detective said...

Ed, you are not even occassionally funny.

carissajaded said...

Congrats on your 100th post!!!

And I am so stealing your Christmas card idea.

Aleta said...

Congrats on the 100th post! Woot!

Love the "ditto" picture. That's priceless and love the idea of doing it with Christmas cards. In fact, I was just thinking about not sending cards out this year, people seem to not do this any more. If I ditto the cards, it saves. LMAO

ScoMan said...

Stealing must be the flavor of the month, because I am now going to steal your "Ditto" Christmas card idea.

And you think I'm kidding don't you?

Coffeypot said...

I really like the idea on the Christmas cards. I think you have just started a new trend.

As for Christmas, the day after Thanksgiving I am converting to Jehovah Witnesses. That way I don’t have to bother with all the shopping and spending and acting like I love the fucking tie since I haven’t worn one in three years. I’ll go back to being an agnostic in January.

Coffeypot said...

Oh, and way to do on the 100 thingy. Thousands more to come I hope.

kys said...

Congrats on 100 posts. I forgot to do a 100th post. Ooops.

anya said...

100 dead puppies? Not nice. Oh - that's not what you meant. Never mind.

Charisse and Holly said...

Congratulations sir...nicely are a star...awesome...spectacular...straight to the top...king of the hill...touchdown! Just love celebrating with you. Thanks for coming by and hangin with the girls. Holly at LLL

Phillipia said...

I love the Christmas card idea...Unfortunately, the only people who send me snail mail cards are the older folk without a sense of humor...of course, I bet I never get cards from them again and then I would not have to feel guilty about not sending one back:)

Phillipia said...

Oh...BTW, congrats on your hundredth post:)

But 100 is not good enough...go for 500 - I want to keep reading you!

BlackLOG said...

100 posts in less than six months, I feel so inadequate. Coming up to two years and I’m still not even close.

In an effort to get to the big 100 I was going to try doing letter of the day ….Sesame Street so threatened to sue my ass off. I guess I could try misspelled word of the day. I certainly would not be stepping on Big Birds territory with that one.

Sorry that I missed your other 99 posts. I have been kind of busy stuffing polar bears into envelopes for Christmas. It's harder than you might think; the buggers keep escaping by eating the seals.....

It’s part of my campaign ‘Sod the polar bears save the trees

Moooooog35 said...

I know a girl who did 100 posts in 3 hours one time.

I'll give you a minute with that one.


Ed Adams said...

Meagan: Ditto your ditto.

adrienzgirl: Not really, but thanks.

justsomethoughts: Thanks. Always glad to yelp.

Daffy: Thanks. Asshat.

Travis: We are the shit. Big and smelly like.

Secretia: Thanks.

mjenks: See, you just saved me more ink.

tgoette: Thanks.

stacie's madness: occasionally even I get lucky.

Lauren: I'm made of win.

Crap Blog Detective: Thanks for the review. I have a very special place to put it.

carissajaded: My ideas are here for the stealing.

aleta: Christmas cards shall now be know as ditto cards.

ScoMan: I am thinking of stealing the Christmas card idea myself.

coffeypot: Thanks for letting me steal your picture without letting you know beforehand.

kys: There's no time like the present to do the past.

anya: Puppies? 100 dead puppies? Are we making a coat?

charisse & holly: Always my pleasure, Ladies!

Phillipia: Thanks. I'm thinking of contacting Hallmark about starting a line of Ditto Cards.

BlackLOG: Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to go back and read some of the old shit.

prashant said...

. I may just have to poach the Christmas card idea.... Work From Home


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