Thursday, October 15, 2009

TMI Thursday: Amy G is back!

Sorry I am late getting this posted. I forgot to tell Amy to send this to my home e-mail, and since I can't access my Facebook mail from work, I'm just now getting it up. (TWSS)

Moving on........

It's TMI Thursday again, according to that queen of all things gross and disgusting, Lilu.

Back by popular demand, I give you Amy G and her Salon Stories.


In honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I thought I would get in the spirit by telling some short tales from the time when I worked in the salon industry. (I was a cosmetologist before I was a belly dancer.)

In any area of customer service, you are going to encounter some unsavory folks-the rude customers, people who have body odor, and so on and so forth. Sometimes, can go a hit beyond that. Here are some of my memories, I mean nightmares, from being a salon manager in the 90's:

~There was a regular customer, a really nice looking man by the way, who came in and used the tanning bed a few times per week. He was always courteous, polite, and a model customer. One day, however, he didn't quite shut the door all the way-it was open maybe an inch or so. When the bed turned on and the ultravoilet glow started emerging from the cracked door-it caught my attention. I got up from the front desk, and went to quietly close the door. When I got to the door, what did I see? Tube socks. TUBE SOCKS WITH STRIPES. This man was laying completely naked in the tanning bed, except for his knee high tube socks with the blue and yellow 1980's P.E. teacher stripes. It is really saying something when you see a handsome naked man...and you aren't looking at, well, you know. From then on out, all I could think of when he came in to tan was what interesting tan lines he must have.

~Being one of the salon managers, it was my duty to stay after closing and prepare the bank deposit, and to make sure everything was clean and in order for the next morning. One night after closing, I went in to clean the tanning beds, stock the towels in the rooms, and empty the trash cans. To my disgusted surprise, one of the clients that evening had apparently "had to go" during that eternally long time (20 minutes) that they were in the tanning bed. Guess what? They used the trash can as a commode. I wonder what they used for toilet paper.

~Sometimes, complete strangers have no trouble at all giving everyone around them TMI. The salon I worked at accepted appointments as well as walk ins. One time I accepted a walk in client, and she seemed like a very lovely young woman. We discussed how she wanted her hair cut, we went back to the shampoo bowl together-and things were going rather well. We returned to my station, and I began her haircut, as her husband sat in the waiting area. We were having nice small talk, when suddenly she says to me, "My husband and I have an open relationship". She goes on to tell me that they live a "swinging" lifestyle. I try to smile and nod, and maintain as my co-workers alernately go back to the breakroom and laugh their arses off. She then proceeds to tell me that they swing, but that they are actually looking for a special lady to live with them...if you catch my drift. I am thinking to myself, is this woman just giving me TMI, or am I being recruited???!!!!! As soon as this woman and her husband coworkers all fell into heaps of laughter on the floor. For about a week I couldn't walk by any of them without hearing comments like "Bow chicky wow wow!"


carissajaded said...

I cannot BELIEVE someone used the trashcan as a toilet! Disgusting!! And swingers are definitely interesting.. but I'll leave my story for another day.

adrienzgirl said...

It is always strange when you get hit on by a woman, for her and her hubby. STRANGE indeed!

and...trash can...GROSS! NAS-ty!

Secretia said...

It's very exciting to be propositioned by a stranger, I like it, but you have to be real careful.


Daffy said...

Wow...your ahem...client...must have a huge set of gonads or is extremely self confident.

The trash can thing doesn't surprise me a bit. LOL

kyslp said...

Why would someone want to tan their nether-regions but not their calves and feet? (Maybe it is a strange fetish.) BMing in the trash can?? Nasty!!

Aleta said...

OMG. Those are definitely some stories to remember. Had me laughing and disgusted at the same time!!

CK Lunchbox said...

The trashcan commode person, were there streaks left on the bed? Time to cancel my membership.

Sebastian said...

Just wanted to say that 'cosmetologist' sounds like someone that studies the cosmos, rather than some kind of hyped-up 'cosmetics' job.

Isn't 'beautician' more common?


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