Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday.......Ghostly Bit and Scary Pieces.

Happy H-ween!


It’s okay for Christmas to be X-mas, but Halloween can’t be H-ween?

That’s B-shit.

I’ve been working on my Nobel Peace Prize speech.
I figure I am totally qualified, since I don’t do anything.
So far I’ve got this……..ahem……”Thanks.”
If I wrote anymore, I might disqualify myself.

The wife found this for me this morning.

Police received a call Friday night that two men with hooded sweatshirts and painted faces had tried to break into a man's home in Carroll, Iowa.
When police stopped a vehicle matching the caller's description blocks away, they were stunned by the men's disguises.
There were no ski masks or stockings pulled over their heads; instead, Matthew Allan McNelly, 23, and Joey Lee Miller, 20, streaked their faces with permanent black marker.


Speaking of disguises,
Tomorrow, I think I’ll put up some pics of the boys in their Halloween costumes that I made for them.
Won’t that be exciting?!?!

I had a dream I saw the movie Paranormal Activity.
It sucked.
The movie, not the dream.
The dream was cool cause I was eating popcorn and Twizzlers. I love that stuff.

I saw where Taco Bell is giving away Free Black Tacos on Halloween.
That’s racially insensitive.
Everybody knows Mexicans don’t like blacks.

Besides, what are they trying to say?
Blacks can’t afford a Taco?
Oh wait……the ad says just the taco shell is black.
My bad.

Speaking of racially insensitive tacos,

Bob Griese was suspended by NASCAR for saying Juan Pablo Montoya was “out having a taco”.
Is that really insensitive?
Juan Montoya didn’t think so. He laughed about it and said he wished he WAS having some tacos.

I think society is TOO sensitive.
I mean, if he would have said that I was “out eating a hamburger”, or a Jewish person was “out having some lamb”, or Tiger Woods was “out having Stir-fry Watermelon”, would any of that be insensitive?
I think not.

More later…….stay tuned.


Secret Agent K said...

you said b-shit, that's just good times...

Alison said...

Yes as a whole the american society has become just a tad bit overly PC...and it makes me crazy!!! As a foster mom I have to really keep my comments to myself....if I didn't have someone to dump all those comments on my head would explode!!!

Travis said...

The Tiger Woods comment was nice!

I agree with Alison.

Usually I just say what I want. Unless there are black people around.


the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Montoya tweeted later in the week that he was eating tacos for lunch.

Way to not be a douchebag, Montoya. Now, if only I could care about NASCAR.

Deborah said...

That was funny!
Happy H-ween!

adrienzgirl said...

Why is it H-ween and not X-ween? It's not C-mas. Just sayin'

Daffy said...

LMAO ROLF! Mexicans don't like blacks! Bwwaaahaaaaaaaaa!

I think the guy on the left is Travis and this happened in OK not Iowa! LOL

Insensitive is all about perspective. I can be the only...ahem...light skinned...person sitting in a classroom of 35 and when a students says (in response to the current president elect taking office) Fo REALZ! Now all the white bitches can sit at the back of the bus! without anyone batting an eye or tsking such talk. Should something of the polar opposite come from MY mouth - I'd lose my job...justsayin

Lily said...

Oh yeah?

.!.. ..!.

Both hands, baby!


Jessica said...

Stir-fry Watermelon. . . sounds delicious. . ahem . . always cracking me up. Oh and what adrienzgirl said too. Happy X-ween.

justsomethoughts... said...

youre right.
we're all stupid like that.
i mean the PC stuff.
the halloween masks? those guys are on their own.

Travis said...

@Daffy. WAY too much facial hair to be me.

carissajaded said...

haha i kind of thought the same thing about the racial black tacos.

I am really curious about the costumes YOU made!
I'll def. tune in for that one.

Harlem's A Hatin said...

I saw these guys pictures....what morons!

ScoMan said...

I laughed when I saw those guys. And this relates to later in your blog as well, but it reminded me of the whole "Black Face" incident on a TV show here where Harry Connick Jr had a go at some losers. Was Harry to sensitive? I don't know.

Anyway, I'm waiting for Harry to have a go at these guys.

Heather Leigh said...

Dude, H-ween would catch on. Then we could just say "Happy Hhhhhhweeeeen"

kys said...

Ok, now I'm going to brag and you will be so impressed.

Do you remember the duct tape bandit? (Robbed a liquor store and that was his disguise. Wrapping his face in duct tape.) That happened in my town.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

No. No, no, no. Twizzlers are the food of the anti-Christ. It's like eating babies' innards. It's that wrong.

Ed Adams said...

Secret Agent K: I thought so.

Alison: No one wants that. Just think of the cleanup involved.

Travis: I forgot you don't have black people in Oklahoma. FYI: They're not really "black" and most are very nice.

mjenks: NASCAR was never really my "sport". My dad is a big fan, but I haven't cared for it much since #3 died.

Deborah: Thanks. Happy H-ween to you too.

adienzgirl: The first two letters of Christ in Greek are spelled with X. I believe that's where that comes from. Since Halloween starts with H and not Ch, it can not be X-ween. It's against Greek law, or something.

Daffy: You think it's funny Mexicans don't like blacks?! That's terrible.

Lily: I have nothing to say to you, Al Franken-wannabe.

Jessica: I'm sure it is. Also, see my language lesson I gave adrienzgirl above.

justsomethoughts: Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

carrisajaded: They are "Star Wars Assasins". And those pics will be up tomorrow.

Harlems A Hatin: Yeah, those douche bags deserve to get busted just for being stupid. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

ScoMan: You in Nawleans?

Heather Leigh: I thought so too.

kys: He must be a symbol of town pride. And of the local education system.

Veggie killer: Shut it. That's sacrilege talk around my house. And what's so wrong with eating baby innards? Hmmm?

Imnotbenny said...

I was going to comment, but then I picked up on the fact that this whole post was designed to secretly mock my Botswanian heritage*, so I decided against it.

*(possible untruth)


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