Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday Snippets

In honor of national Talk Like A Pirate Day, "Arrg! Ye best be readin' me Blog, Matey!"

Aren't Headstones just headboards for the eternally sleeping?

Do people really pay $49.99 to dress their daughter like a little Hooker, Naughty Nurse, Dominatrix, Pirate Wench, or Sexy Kitten; and then teach them to take candy from strangers? I realize this may just be grooming them to be cheerleaders someday, but seriously people. We all know who really ends up eating most of the candy. Basically, you're pimping out your daughters for some leftover candy.

I love Halloween. Free Candy at my place.

As for boys, if it shows a sword on the picture, then for $39.99 there BETTER well be a sword of some kind in that package! And since WHEN did costumes cost so much. My mom used to make a lot of mine. She was like the Halloween McGuyver. The things that lady could do with a box, spray paint, duck tape, and wire hangers would have made Jim Henson pee his pants. Of course, I probably hated them at the time.

I bet she could make a sword.


adrienzgirl said...

Oh, no doubt! We always hated the homemade, but looking back, they were sooooooo much cooler than the ones that there are 5,000 other kids wearing on the same street. And there are NEVER any accessories in the costume bag. :( I pay ridiculous amounts of money buying costumes for the kids, who don't even like the candy they get. This year I think I will offer to buy their favorite kind of candy instead of the costume? I will save BIG BUCKS! :)

Ed Adams said...

adrienzgirl: That's a good idea. I would still make them run around the house and ring the bell for it though.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the Hobo costume? Kids never want to be hobos anymore. We need more hobos, dammit.

Turns out hobo is kind of fun to say when you're all hopped up on caffeine.

Ed Adams said...

Imnotbenny: There must have been too many real hobos going door to door on Halloween. This way, if the cops see a hobo, they'll know it's not some kid, but a hobo waiting for the next train.

Christina_the_wench said...

You know, my sister and I would take my daughters trick or treating and we'd trick or treat for beer at the same time. Don't judge. It made the time go faster and the exercise worth it.

Kim Ayres said...

Did you know you can set Google so the interface language is "Pirate"?

Mind you, they also do Klingon and Elmer Fudd...

Ed Adams said...

Christina: I am fresh out of beer, but I could probably round up some Rum for a wench such as yourself.

Kim Ayres: I did not know that. Thanks for the tip. I might just do my entire next post in whatever language Bob Dylan speaks, if thats available.

the projectivist said...

the night ended in tears for my two last year. we spent hours and hours in preparation. i even used the sewing machine, that's how dedicated a mother i was.

turns out, this neighbourhood doesn't believe in the wonder that is Halloween.

this year i'm going to keep it simple. they can just go as hobos.


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