Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stupid Things I've Done........and Censorship is from the Devil.....

I am starting a new feature on my blog called Stupid Things I've Done. I have to give credit to my homey, Travis over at I Like To Fish, for the idea. Not that he actually gave me the idea, cause that would have required him to actually READ my blog.....Ahem!*clears throat*.....You might say his blog inspired me to share some of my own less than stellar achievements. Like the TMI thing, regrettably I have done plenty of stupid stuff. (Does waking up this morning count?) What better way to keep my ego in check than to share these stories with you. Anyway, go check out Travis and I'll work on getting some stories up soon.

If you noticed some of my blog posts missing, you are not imagining things. If you didn't noticed, forget I said anything, Mr. or Mrs. Unobservant.

Also, if you have any suggestions or comments about the Funny Pages, regarding layout/appearance/content, I would like to hear it...........Complaints can be kept to yourself, thank you.

1 comment:

Travis said...

I DO READ YOUR BLOG!!! I promise! This is it tho, you're going on the follow list!!!


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