Friday, August 28, 2009

A short quick funny........(not me, the post)

Okay, so today is my bosses Birthday. Actually, she is my bosses boss, but anyway. They wanted everyone to come down to her office and say Happy Birthday! I usually hate that crap and try to avoid it, but like Jim Gaffigan says, "There's cake".."Well, maybe I outta go say Hello".
So I get down there, and as usual, it's only white cake (sucks). But, it did have the whipped icing, which makes even white cake taste edible.......... So, I am feeling kinda goofy, and I say, "I love this whipped icing! Oh, and it's the scented kind too!"..........I hope you see where this is going....Yep....She, the big boss lady (actually she's quite slim) who is seated at her fancy desk in front of said Birthday Cake, says...."Really?!?!" And leans down to get a whiff. I hesitate, but realizing what a great opportunity it is, I figure---What the hay!....I push down on the back of her head. Everyone in the room goes, "GASPS!" Boss lady comes up laughing, and clean as a whistle. She says, "Ed, you are so funny! That would have been classic, but the cake box saved me." ......STUPID BOX!........p.s. if you ever try this, remove cake from box first or wait for cake to be on plate and use the underhand/uppercut-to-the-plate method......Anyway, seems hitting her face on the edge of the box didn't have the desired effect, but I had to try. If her nose was anywhere close to being as big as mine, she would soooo have cake boogers right now. Happy Birthday lady who can fire me!

Maybe more later.

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