Monday, August 31, 2009


Here goes another joyously climatic exuberance-filled Monday............(really it sucks, but at least it's going fast).

I almost had a wreck today as I swerved to miss a dog that walked out in front of me. Poor thing. I'm pretty sure it was being pushed out into the street by this guy with glasses and a cane who was holding onto it's little back-harness thingy....I hate when people are mean to animals like that.....I pulled over, hoped out, and said, "Hey, Michael Vick! You think pushing that dog in front of me was funny?!"....Then I grabbed his wimpy cane thingy and beat that blank stare off his face.....PETA would have been so proud of me.

Stay tuned.............Funday ain't over yet..............(yeah, that's right! I said, "ain't". How you like me English now?!)

*as an aside* That reminds me of an old joke. This college English professor was giving a lecture on the proper use of Grammar. He said, "Although it is not always proper, a double negative can make a positive statement. However, a double positive will never equal a negative statement." Just then, from the back of the lecture hall someone shouted, "Yeah, right!"

Hey, I didn't say it was a good joke, only that it was old.

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Travis said...

Ain't is perfectly acceptable. That's real.


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