Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Bazaarly Unanswerable Questions From A Curious Mind

Ever wonder what life would be like if Eve hadn't eaten the apple?....Would we all be nudists?

They say it was an apple, but we don't really know. If it was though, why an apple? Why not something else?....I think Adam may have had a better chance of resistance if it had been something like Grapefruit....I hate Grapefruit.....If it was me, and Eve offered me some Grapefruit, I'd have been like, "No thank you!".......Then again, she was naked....She probably could have gotten him to eat a poo sandwich.

Why does bottle water cost as much as soft drinks? Aren't they taking credit for someone else's creation?.........Can bottle air be far behind?

They say cats always land on their feet....What if the cat has no feet?.....What if the cat's feet/paws are tied together, a five pound weight is strapped to their back, a parachute is secured to their stomachs, and they are dropped from an airplane?.......I hate cats.

Everybody is worried about the price of oil. There is a big push for alternative fuels and sources of energy. Everything is going "green". I recently read where scientists are working to find crops that produce more sugars than corn, which is currently the main source for ethanol production. I'm not a scientist, but isn't that plant called sugarcane?.......There goes the price of candy bars.
.....And, if I paint my car green, wouldn't it technically be consider a green vehicle?......Wouldn't I then qualify for a tax credit?

They say too much of anything is bad for you.......Does that include advice?

Ever shake hands with someone and wonder when the last time they washed their hands was?.... You will now.

Ever see whiteout on something and wonder what's underneath? What could have been so bad that someone tried to blot out it's entire existence?......Ever think about scrapping it off to have a look?...Let me save you the trouble, there's nothing under there but a hole in the paper.

Ever notice that stores are always out of the size you're looking for? If that size is so popular, why do they even waste time making the other ones?....That's probably where they came up with the idea for "one-size fits all".....But what if the one-size doesn't fit all?.....Is there a product called "One-size fits all except you"?

Maybe I ask too many questions.


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