Thursday, August 13, 2009

Questions that shouldn't be asked......

Do you think they said the blessing before they drank the cool aide at Jonestown?

Do Vegetarians taste like celery?

Is it wrong to feed a cow hamburgers?

If all drains lead to the ocean, why does seafood taste so good?

How exactly does a girl rape a guy?.......How is that possible?

What do chickens think things taste like?

Where do drug dealers go when they retire?.........Do they push Viagra at that nursing home?

If you hit a animal that's in the street, isn't that a form of assisted suicide?

If you steal a bible from church, is that a REALLY BIG sin, or just a form of self evangelism?

Why are some people so ugly?.............Why does everyone think of someone else when they read that question?

Is body odor really necessary?

Do you think morticians ever find anything cool in people's pockets?

Do you think dogs get as tired of sniffing butts as we do of shaking hands?..........Do you think people sniffing butts will ever catch on?

If is wrong to ask someone who's recently lost a loved one, where was the last place they looked for them?

Do you think the guy who cleans up at the adult cinema enjoys his job?

Does the five second rule only apply when you drop something, or when you see someone else drop something?......Do you take seconds off if they dropped it from their mouth?


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