Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am Seriously hardly ever Serious.........Seriously!

I spend most of my awake hours, which is about 21 each day, in a constant state of jest. It's how I make it though life. Everything is funny to me. If it's not, then I make it so. Maybe I am just walking around in a sleep deprived drunken state. Kind of like when an aged boxer is said to be "punch drunk", except mine doesn't come from being hit too much in the head. It's from my head not hitting the pillow enough.
Truth be told, rarely do I say anything I mean seriously. Usually, I will say or do things purely for the reaction they get. I form of SHOCK comedy, if you will. Not that I want attention. That's not it in the least. I mainly just want to make other people happy, smile, and feel good. Just so happens that I might sometimes have to make fun of them to achieve that.
See, when I can make someone else forget about their problems and stop taking everything so seriously, even if it's just temporarily, that's when I feel good. I get enjoyment from other peoples enjoyment. It's the same reason I will forward a funny e-mail. Just to know that I brought a smile or chuckle to someone who was so tightly wrapped in their own world and issues, that makes my day. The more messed up they are, the better their laughing makes me feel. "Laugh, you little homeless one-legged midget orphan, Laugh!" Brah, Ha, ha!
Granted, I may have issues myself. I have been called mean, a smarta**, insensitive, a jerk, and many other fitting names. However, the way I see it, just because your grandma died, that doesn't mean you can't laugh. Okay, maybe positioning her hand to give the casket viewers the finger was a little in poor taste. But, seeing your mom shoot water out of her nose when she saw her dead mom flying the bird, that was priceless. Nah, I didn't really do that, but I would. Let me know when the old hag croaks, I'll be there with my bag of tricks to liven the party.
See, laughing is serious business. It can ease tension, alleviate stress, soften pain, and just feels good. Unless its with a broken rib or right after open-heart surgery, then you should keep it to a chuckle. So much of life sucks though, I say you shouldn't prevent yourself from laughing at it. Friend losses job in the current economy, call and ask them to come mow your yard since they have so much time on their hands. Kid gets the chicken pox, throw a slumber party and just consider it neighborhood immunizationing (like that?I just made up another word). Attending a funeral, mention this little nugget to all your fellow attendees, "Well, it sucks they're gone, but at least now I don't have to pay back that loan they gave me, so that's kind of awesome."
The Bible says, "Who among you can add a single day to your life by worrying?" Summarized nicely by Bobby McFerrin, "Don't Worry, Be happy" Of course, Bobby's idea probably involved the burning of a little green plant rolled in paper.


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