Monday, August 3, 2009

The Happy Comic says, "Don't be a Hater!"

I have heard recently that some of my posts were too mean or dark. I'm now offering to change my type color to yellow and surround it by smileys :)
I haven't purposely set out to be negative, mean, or dark. Sometimes, it's just the nature of my humor. Actually, I don't set out to be anything. I'm like the "thought" gate keeper. I will occasionally open the gates. Whatever flows out, so be it. Hopefully its amusing.
If you remember, I never promised to be cheery all the time, or even funny for that matter. Some people enjoy mean humor. Yes, they may be sick individuals, but individuals nonetheless. They need a laugh too, even if it is at someone else's expense.....Expense........WOW!.....That's it!....They want their type of humor free! They are comedy cheapskates!
I prefer to to let my thoughts flow uncensored. Kind of like a movie for "kids". We all know it's sold to kids, but has more jokes in it for the adults watching. Okay, maybe that's a bad example. Heck, that doesn't even make sense!... Similes and Metaphors are not my strong suit. I'm not really sure what is.... Maybe Advance Algorithmic Geometry.... Is that even a subject? I think I just made that up.
I wonder if Picasso had people telling him he couldn't put noses on upside-down or give a women 3 breasts. Like him, not a lot of people get me. Not that I am comparing myself to an artist like Picasso. I don't even paint. Unless the finger-kind counts. And I've never even seen a women with 3 breasts, although I probably wouldn't look away if I did :)
If I were to compare myself to an artist, it would probably be Van Gogh, cause he's my favorite. Like him, my stuff gets kind of fuzzy.....the lines are blurry. Unlike him, nobody wants my stuff. And I have both my ears.
Anyway, if you don't find my humor funny, that's okay. Sometimes I don't either.
Question: Is it still humor if nobody thinks it's funny? Answer: Probably.
Maybe it's not good humor. Maybe the right person just hasn't read it yet. Maybe they have and were laughing too hard to comment. Or, maybe the people who didn't laugh just suck. Either way, there's too many variables.


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