Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Global Warming...........SWEET!

Don't get me wrong, I care about our planet. I do my part to help by recycling, not littering, buying goods made from recycled stuff, trying to reuse things, driving moderately fuel-efficient vehicles, etc. My electric Golf Cart gets GREAT mpg!
Still, global warming doesn't sound to bad. I mean, yeah, if you're a polar bear it's a bummer, but I'm not. I live in a colder part of the United States. The winters cause my joints to hurt. I prefer nice weather. I say, a little global warming could be a good thing! It's the perfect solution to my problem, as I always wanted to live in the tropics, I just didn't want to move there.
Think about it. Older people wouldn't have to head south in the winter anymore. Places like Florida would then have more room to put all the illegal immigrants that flood our shores. See, Global Warming could fix the immigration and overcrowding problems. Maybe California could even send some of their illegals to Florida, which would then help free up the strain on California's budget and get them out of the red.
They say that Global Warming effects other stuff, like more severe storms and such. That's too bad, if you live in areas effected by hurricanes and rising sea-levels, which I don't. So bring it on baby! I mean, we have tornadoes occasionally, but not like they do in Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, or Iowa. Plus, that's only really a concern if you live in a trailer, as we all know those things are magnets for tornadoes. I live in a mostly brick house, so huff & puff away Mr. Wolf!
Supposedly, Global Warming has already caused the temperature to rise a little. I haven't noticed. In fact, this summer has been cooler than most, and last winter was just as cold as ever. Maybe it's just been warmer around Al Gore's house. He seems the only one running around with the "THE END IS NEAR" signs right now. I bet he lives on the coast....below sea a trailer.
I really don't trust him anyway. He's the same guy who claimed he "won" the popular election for the Presidency. Well, the Supreme Court called his bluff on that. I'm gonna call his bluff on the Global Warming thing, but I'll still recycle.
That's too bad though, I wish he was right. I think my area could use a little warming up. He should have made that his campaign promise, "Vote for Me! I'll CAUSE Global Warming!".....I would have voted for him.


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