Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magic underpants in the middle of the freeway.

Sometimes I think up unusual inventions. Just now I thought about underwear that would please every mother and clean themselves if you were ever involved in a trafiic accident. Of course, assuming you started the day with clean ones, they probably wouldn't stay that way if you were involved in an accident. As the old joke goes, "First you say it, then you do it!" And we all know how important cleanliness of undergarments are to our parents in such situations.
I can honestly say, after years of working in healthcare, I don't remember anyone being refused emergency medical treatment due to having soiled undies. I am sure the temptation is there, but most healthcare workers are bound by oath and love of service. They typically treat the patient, then just share their disgust with friends later.
And, as everyone knows, that is always at the top of everyones list of worries. Yeah, bleeding and broken bones, along with damage to property and insurance rank up there somewhere, but having nice shorts takes the cake.
So, what would it take to create something of this nature? Maybe lining them with waste digesting bacteria? Maybe creating them out of some super-absorbant material......wait, that sounds like a depends, which could cause a whole new level of questions and embarrassment. Maybe adding a little pocket to carry a tiny fairy who would spring into action and wisk away the nastiness? Underpants by Disney?
Now, how to create little magic fairies.......hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

That seems too difficult. Besides, I would rather have my mother ask the hospital workers, "Was he wearing clean underwear?", as opposed to, "Was he carrying his little magic fairy?"


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