Monday, July 20, 2009

Hokey-Pokey in church?!?!

The minister at the church we have been attending recently thought it would be a good idea to have everyone in the congregation stand and do the Hokey-Pokey! Seems he felt it would be the perfect wake up during a Sunday morning service.
I must say, I found it rather amusing to watch all these staunch old Presbyterians dancing around with their hands up in the air. It actually reminded me of some regular sights from my childhood spent attending various Pentecostal churches.
The exercise did go along with the sermon, which was about the need for more enthusiasm in worship without feeling ashamed or embarrassed. After all, Presbyterians are more known for sitting on their hands during worship, than for their dancing.
This also got me thinking, why not more enthusiasm everywhere? Yes, it does liven up worship. But why confine it to Sunday mornings? Maybe it would do good other places as well. How about a little from your doctor during a colonoscopy? "We are gonna shove this long tube up your butt, and it's gonna be GREAT!!" Or, maybe at that hotbed for enthusiastic customer service, the DMV? "We are gonna take as many pictures as you want, and then I promise to put the WORST one on your license. It'll be HILARIOUS!!!!" Maybe at the express lane checkout? "You have 13 items in the 12 or less lane. How bad do you want that number 13?!?! Come on, do a little dance for it! Otherwise, it's the self checkout for you. Now, come on, DANCE! DANCE! DANCE!" Maybe even the Hokey-Pokey would apply in some situations. You get busted for DUI or something, and as your being locked-up in the cell, the arresting officer says, "Put your left foot in. Now take your left foot out. Now put your left foot in and shake it all about........." I guess that would actually be the Hokey-Pokey-POKEY!
Regardless, people spend too much of their life going around like expressionless robots bent on completing boring tasks without any hope of having fun. In other words, don't treat everything else like you do your regular JOB!


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