Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy belated 4th of July!

Well, the summer has officially started and ended all on the same weekend. The 4th of July is the craziest holiday. Every year I think about how the limey brits are missing out on the celebration. I, mean, they have a 4th of July in their calendar, but to them it's more of a day of mourning. I don't know that forsure, but I figure it should be. Otherwise, it's just a Saturday.
I found my new favorite activity to do on the 4th. Ride in the parade. You get to see everybody. But more importantly, it feels like everyone is there to see YOU! Plus, the best part, you get to beem all the little kids with cheap candy. It's kind of like a game at the fair, where you throw something at a moving target and try and knock it over. Only this time, you're the one moving and the only prize you win is the personal satisfaction of knowing YOU sent little Johnnie home with a gumball size welt on the side of his head. "Man, that was a great shot!" Even better, the kids want you to hit them. They practically run right into the line of fire, screaming, "Me!Me!Me!ThrowsomecandyatME!" And you do, and then their parents THANK YOU! Even as they are picking Johnnie up off the ground, "Tell the nice man with the good arm Thank You for lodging that Tootsie in your ear, Johnnie".

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