Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grape....that's it

Yep. I would be grape. Cause it's the best. Besides, nobody seriously thinks of putting Apricot jelly on their warm breakfast biscuit. Speaking of Jellies. I wonder what a peanut butter and Jelly-fish sandwich would taste like. Would you even put peanut butter on with it? Maybe it would go better with mayonaise or something. Why is it even called a fish? It doesn't have scales, cartilage spine, or fins. Maybe it should be called a Jelly-blob.....or Jelly-bubble......or a Jelly-thingy-that-stings-the-crap-out-of-ya.
Think about how surprised your friend would be when they ate one of your PB&JF sandwiches. Talk about a a sandwich that bites you back. "Mmmm, this sandwich is good, it tastes like.....ouch...what the heck was that.....hey, I can't feel my lips." The traditional cure for a Jelly-fish sting might be a hard sell to your friend in this instance. "Seriously! This is gonna work! Now open your mouth!"

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