Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Sure, we all start out as kids, but does that make them any less hilarious? The things they say and do could fill a blog, a book, a library, or even a show with Bill Cosby as host. Sometimes, I think God gives us kids to make us laugh or to make our days a little brighter. Okay, maybe not all kids have that effect on people, but the GOOD ones do. Okay, maybe even the good ones don't have that effect on ALL people, but some people suck.
But think about it, God created us, and he could just put us here as adults, while completely skipping the whole baby stage. That just proves that God has a sense of humor. Or, maybe he just wants to keep us humble. We basically start life just like we leave it.....confused.....messing ourselves.....relying on other people to feed, change, and take care of us.....curled up in the fetal position. That's how we are humbled throughout life. Baby....self explainatory, adult...taking care of babies and old people, and elderly.....see above discriptions. Maybe that's also why babies and grandparents get along so well, they have so much in common.
I am sure it's some mixture of the two.....humor & humility. Plus, birthing an adult would be quite the ordeal. Besides, would we really want to see an adult walking around in a blue or pink onesy? Not to mention the laws that would be broken by breastfeeding.
Given all this thought, the idea of a "Benjamin Button" type event doesn't seem all that interesting. In fact, it's somewhat common place, if you think about it. We come here just like we go......pooping our pants....being feed by others.....being clothed by others....needing help to walk....on and on. So, maybe it's really elderly people that I find hilarious afterall.

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