Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Number Two............of the blog, not the bathroom action.

I almost named this post, "Why I'm afraid of Sea Monkey's"........but decided since I am not quite sure what a Sea Monkey really is, that might be too difficult.
I mean, come on, Sea Monkeys? Or is it, Sea Monkeies? Has anyone really ever seen one? And how can they eat bananas underwater? Maybe that's what the barrel is for. They go in there to eat their bananas where it's dry. Oh what, that's not the same kind, is it?
I used to have the barrel kind when I was a kid. There was hours of fun, let me tell you. Open the barrel, pull out the monkeys, hook'em together, put'em back in the barrel. Genius! And what was with them all linking arms? Are they a chorus line? Maybe they wanted to play Red-Rover?
Sorry, I sometimes get distracted. Oh yeah, number two. This is my second time blogging. uuhhhhhh, well..........that's it. Just wanted to let you know I'm 2 for 2. Maybe I'll try for 3. Sure, come back tomorrow for number tres....also known as "If I were Jelly".

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