Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Homecoming!!! Let's Party!

For those of you who don't know, but should, I graduated from Mississinewa High School.

I can't believe it's been 18 years already. It seems like both yesterday and longer.

Although I don't remember much drugs, hindsighted nostalgia makes me think it was a great time with friends.

In actuality, it was probably a lot of detention, ditching, hating life, and wishing I were somewhere else.

Awwwww....teenage angst.

I remember having lots of friends, and not really hanging with any one particular group/clique.

I had friends who were nerds, jocks, hoods (punks, headbangers/metal heads, skaters, pre-goth goths), and the popular chosen few.

Who knows what group my classmates put me in. I still don't care about that crap.

Most probably saw me as just a normal kid. Or maybe class clown.

I played sports. Mostly Football, wrestling, and track. I was actually really good at wrestling.

I was decent at football. I might have even of played college football and been an undrafted free-agent in the NFL,  if Mr. Mckenzie hadn't kicked me off the team my senior year for ditching practice and getting caught chewing snuff in school.

I guess we'll never know, WILL WE MR. MCKENZIE?!?!

Bitter much?

After that, my recruitment letter from Univeristy College of Puerto Rico A&M State Tech was recinded.

It was a small school. Like NCAA Division 5 or something.

We would have played our games in the the stadium, which was basically the Dean/Athletic Director/Coach/History Professor's backyard.

But he kept the grounds nice.

But it's all for naught now. Thanks McKenzie.

In truth, tonight is Homecoming and a bunch of my classmates who are Facebook friends are getting together at a local club after the game.

It will be nice to see everyone and reminice. Maybe they can tell me what I did in High School.

I hope they introduce themselves. I am terrible with names and barely recognize faces. When they have just their married names listed on Facebook, I have no idea who they are.

Regardless, it should be fun.

I doubt they will recognize me though. I have gotten decidedly more handsomer, which I didn't even know was possible.

How does one improve on perfection? He just does. Thanks nature.

I've been debating on what to wear tonight. Most of my Ole Miss gear is long gone.

After some searching, the obvious and thoroughly appropriate answer is THIS:

Now, I just need to find a red speedo with a white M on it. 

AND an extra-large carrying capacity in front.


Liza Lea said...

Bah! You're hilarious! High School = Over rated that leaves scars of our personal perception of ourself and others. I look forward to seeing ED, regardless what you thought you were in high school, or me for that matter. :-)

I hear ya on Mr. MacKenzie, I bet he did ruin a career for you! Over a little snuff?


The Vegetable Assassin said...

Aaaaaand.....everyone else just needs some blackout shades or a blindfold. :)

Sorry Eddie. Have fun. Don't forget to tip a cow or whatever you country folks did in those days. Poor cows.

Angie said...

Send pics! Impromptu reunions are the best. There's none of that scheduled "hilarity" that comes with attending something put together by someone who was mildly anally retentive in high school, and is now one step from the edge of postal. Have fun. Good luck to your team!

Sarah Pearson said...

*Snort*. That is EXACTLY what you should wear.

Coffeypot said...

After watching that video I now know why you liked wresting so much. You got to roll around on the floor with your legs and arms wrapped around a hot, sweaty boy, rubbing all over him. Yeah, you are sexy and you show it. On the other hand, next year is my Fifty-fucking-year anniversary. And there is not one guy that can say I ever rolled around the mat, all legs and arms locked together with him. Now a few of the girls will not be able to say that.


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