Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Check Out The Big Guy and Win Some Music Too. It's Like A Twofer!

You all remember my good buddy Travis, don't ya?

Let me refresh your membranes...

That's right!

Big T, or Big Love, as I like to call him....although, in a totally non-gay way....ahem....Big T is having a Blog Warming Party over at his new digs.

In honor of his new URL and fancy new fixin's, he's giving away an iTunes gift card!

That's right, FREE MUSIC!

So go over and give him some love, check out his new fishing hole, and sign up for some free music.



Travis said...

Dude, in all seriousness, you and the Mandy we call Ginger might be the only two entrants. Congrats on being a 50/50 shot!

Anonymous said...

Well I do love free, so I'll go look.

WhisperingWriter said...

Neat. I love iTunes.

Sandra said...

I'm there! If I could win an iTunes gift card and give it to my son, I suspect he might start talking to me again...he's been ignoring me of late for being...ahem...insensitive towards him on my blog. Sheesh.
Nice shout out to your buddy though. I like that!


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