Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Quickies

I am covering for someone at the Ft. Wayne VA all this week.

Have been since last Friday.

The person I am covering for is in training and I am using her office.

And she must like frogs. Like really, REALLY, really like.

I doubt there are this many frogs in a swamp.

Seriously, there are frogs and plants EVERYWHERE!

I’m waiting for some Louisiana boys with no teeth and banjos to walk–in and start playing Deliverance music any second now.

I squeal for NO man!

But I might consider it if he offered me some fried frog legs.


What is with the drawing on of the eyebrows?

I understand the need for proper grooming and a nice manicured look.

Everybody appreciates when you take time to pluck the unibrow into individual caterpillars.

I even get the need for some pencil work to enhance the appearance of lighter colored hairs, or filling in for better symmetry.

What I don’t get is the ladies who completely wax/pluck/shave the brows and then attempt to pencil in replacements.

Especially when most of these people haven’t had an art class since elementary.

Often, they don’t even line up with the brow ridge!

Just a couple of Maybelline lines floating in the middle of your forehead, like some wayward McDonald’s arches!

I’ve seen better makeup jobs on a circus clown.


Heather said...

Bahahahaha! I have never used an eyebrow pencil but I have def seen some pretty gnarley offenders of it!

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I don't get the eyebrow drawing on thing either. It's SCARY! A slight pluck is all you need. I rarely even touch mine as they're luckily quite awesome as is. Like the rest of me. Weep in envy.

The Blue Zoo said...

Oh my gosh! LOL I have no clue why women do that!! It looks awful. There are so many women around here that do it too! And I always laugh at them. I know they can see me laughing but I just cant stop.

Annabelle said...

I think it was a good look in a certain decade, and I'm not sure which one.. but I know it's not this one.

Mrsblogalot said...

I am often tempted to just shave them both off and start from scratch but with my luck, I'd forget to fill them in all together.

I don't need anymore unnecessary stares thank you.

adrienzgirl said...

I don't get the fauxbrows either. Do yourself a favor and just STOP. Girls, makeup show enhance your natural appearance. It's not a do over for your face. You got what you got. Sheesh!

Coffeypot said...

And they are usually thin. I say use a magic marker. And if you are blond, a neon-yellow highlighter.

ScoMan said...

I have a theory people who pencil in eyebrows like that have something else to hide.. they use the penciled eyebrows to divert your attention.

I don't know what they're hiding, because whenever I see these people I stare at their penciled eyebrows.

Pat said...

In defense of the eyebrow drawers (read - me) one reason to draw them in is because my eyebrows are so thin. For whatever reason, the hair has decided to fall out of my eyebrows. So I just have some scraggly hair there. I HAVE to fill it in. Unfortunately the hair I lose on my eyebrows shows up sporadically on my chin. It's hell getting older. But don't worry, I draw my eyebrows in very lightly. I just "fill in" where some of my hair is missing.


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