Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Hall Of Funny and other updates....

Hall Of Funny List

Soon, very soon, maybe even later today, I will have the NEW Ed's Funny Pages Funniest Bloggers of 2010 Award recipients list up.

But first, as a final homage....(and to let the future winners of this years award know what kind of distinguish company they are joining)........

I give you the 2009 winners of Ed's Funny Pages Funniest Bloggers Award

1. http://monsterapathy.blogspot.com/
2. Steamy @ Steam Me Up Kid
3. Miss Yvonne @ Yo Mama’s Blog
4. Allie @ Hyperbole & A Half
5. Mooooog35 @ Mental Poo
6. Narm @ White Collar Redneck
7. Veggie @ The Vegetable Assassin
8. Travis @ I Like To Fish
9. Daffy @ Bat Crap Crazy
10. Vic @ What Were You Thinking
11. http://thebloggess.com/
12. Jillian @ The Pilgrim Congress
13. http://imnotbenny.blogspot.com/

Yes, there were 13 instead of ten. That was before I set limits on myself.

Now, I keep it to 2 hookers a night 10 bloggers.

Here is the sweet award I custom made (read: stole from google images) for them, which they promptly pitched in their recycle bin:

Hell, I am not even totally sure I presented it to all of them. Speaking of, if you're on the above list and didn't get yours last time, feel free to grab it now. I can't be expected to do any hand holding shit.

Despite this groups fears and/or pleads, I am not replacing or removing them from the list. They will now be classified as members of The Hall of Funny.

In fact, here is an updated award:

So, if you just stole your award from above, re-steal the updated version.

HEY, I never said this was a smooth ship I was sailing. It's actually more of a speedboat. So don't let a wave bounce your ass overboard.

Update on the Upcoming Funnies

Like I said, hopefully later today, or at least by tomorrow, I will have a list of this years winners. (which means that there is still time, so keep the bribes coming.....Except you Canadians. That Monopoly money you call currency is no good here in the States.)

ALSO, I am putting the finishing touches on a new Stickman toon. I hope to have it up on Friday.

Stay tuned.


SurferWife said...

I'm going to pissed off if I don't make any funny lists around this shithole.

I don't offer bribes. Just threats, shitleg.

ScoMan said...

Reading that list was like watching a football game with a delayed telecast, I was hoping to win.. but you can't influence the result if it's already happened.

Sure you can yell and scream at the TV all you want, but the players have long since packed up and gone home and they'll hear you while they're trying to feed dinner to their kids, and be like "They must have just broadcast the bit where I missed that goal. I knew I was going to cop hell for that one"

BeckEye said...

*golf clap*

Congratulations, winners. And now you can all go fuck yourselves for being funnier than me.

The Only Girl said...

I'm giving a big nod to "And Then I Was A Mom" and "ScoMan" - for what my nod's worth. They both rock it all the time.

But if you won't take my rapidly-increasing-in-value Canadian dollars, how about some butter tarts? Or maple syrup? I might even have a pair of red Olympic mittens left over.

Brutalism said...

You are devastatingly handsome. And obviously brilliant. And hilariously funny. And likely, quite virile. Not that my opinions should in any way influence your choices...

Unrelated: did you receive the muffin basket?

Sara said...

I really don't think my name should be anywhere near Steamy's name. She makes me sick with her funny. Bitch.

Dual Mom said...

Shit, I'm Canadian.

But we let gay people in the army (the way it damn well should be)...doesn't that count for something?

Hillbilly Duhn said...


Cassie said...

Hmmm. This system doesn't seem too secure. What's to stop me from just taking the award and naming myself funniest blogger????

The Queen said...

That's what I did Cassie.. cause frankly.. my opinion was the only one I was worried about to start with..and I have things to do and people to piss off.. I don't have time to wait around and see if I was a loser..

Crazy Brunette said...

Well, I personally like the other posts commenters idea about a sexiest bloggers list...

I'd be number fucking 1 damnit!

Although I MUST admit I'm DAMN irritated I was not nominated for this... AHEM!

I am the funniest slut that I know... Google Analytics totally backs up the slut part!

Queenie's totally got CB backing her ass!

Anonymous said...

How about I just steal it and pretend to be funny?


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