Thursday, April 29, 2010

Honestly, I Have No Idea Where They Get This Stuff

Chinese restaurant last night

Son: “Daddy look!”…*pointing excitedly across restaurant*…“There’s Uncle Clifford!”
Me: “Yep. It sure is.”
Son: “He does the coolest trick. He will say, ‘Let me see your finger’, then he will pull your finger and make you fart.”
Me:….*blink, blink*….. "hhh, I think you have that wrong buddy.”
Son: “Nope. He can make you fart by pulling your finger. I am thinking of asking him to come to my school and do it, so I can show all the kids my fart.”
Me: “Son, he can’t actually make YOU fart. He has you pull his finger, and then HE farts.”
Son: “WHAT?! That’s not much of a trick.”
Me: “I know.”
Son: “It’s still funny. I think I’ll still go ask him if he will come to my school and show the kids.”
Me: “Great!”

Same son, the other night while in the bathtub

(This is a repost from a Tweet I did. Since I only have like 18 Twitter followers, I figure most of you missed it. That makes it like new.)

Wife: “I can’t find my toothbrush! Does ANYBODY know where my toothbrush is?!”
Son: “I do.”
Wife: “Where?”
Son: “Up my butt!”……*Laughing hysterically*

That’s my boy.

*Stay Tuned for the Big Reveal tomorrow. YES, I am actually going through with the before and after pics tomorrow. As gross as they are, I made a promise.*


BigSis said...

Definitely time to get a new toothbrush!

Coffeypot said...

I love listning to my grandkids talk to each other. And the things they come up with talking to us. Priceless!

And I can't wait to see nude before and after photos of you. No! Wait! Yes I can.

The Blue Zoo said...

Ugh, boys are so gross!

Cant wait to see your pics! I wish I had taken before pics.

Moooooog35 said...

I hate cliffhangers.

Was it really up his butt?

I mean, he IS your kid after all, right?

BeckEye said...

Not even Criss Angel can make people fart on command. I think that must be the holy grail of magic tricks.

Momma Fargo said...

LMFAO. You and Moog will have stories and competitions and..yeah.

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

Sounds like your boys are quite witty and very funny. They get that from the wife, huh?

otherworldlyone said...

You know, this almost made me wish I had a boy instead.

Then I remembered that my daughter intentionally farts on strangers and laughs hysterically. Next best thing.

Tgoette said...

Ha ha! Boys and farts! Could there be a more perfect pairing? Sounds like junior is a chip off the old block!

Daffy said...

I'm so going to try the finger fart with my nephew. He already thinks I know everything...I'm the coolest smartest I can be magical too! I SO hope he asks me to show and tell!

hotpants™ said...

My son makes butt and fart jokes all the time. He starts kindergarten in August at a private Christian school. I can't wait!

adrienzgirl said...

Dude that is very similar to what conversations in our house. Except they usually involve the kids asking where their stuff is and BDC says, "If it was up your butt you'd know where it was!"

Erin said...

Haha.. your son is a funny one!

Pat said...

So..what you're saying is that your wife has a human toothbrush holder?


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