Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I need to get something off my chest.

Besides this stupid Manzzier.

I DO work for our government. I also have a blog. This does not mean all I do at work is blog. I get breaks and lunch, just like every other employed person not working in an Indian Sweatshop making the latest Sean John/P Diddy fashions.
And, since I don't smoke, I blog during my breaks.
We are ALLOWED to use the Internet for personal use, during such time (except for gambling, porn, facebook.......Stupid rules).
However, often I will do my posting from home on lunch.
When I do post, it takes about 10-15 mins to do so, as I plan it out before hand.
Often, I am so busy at work, not only do I post at home, but I will have to wait until after work to read other peoples stuff and leave comments. Sucks right?
Regardless, your tax dollars are NOT being wasted by me. Maybe by the smokers who spend 30 mins on a 15 min break, or by the guy who spends 2 hrs everyday just walking around to other offices and BSing with everybody, but not me.

This being said.........

I received my first request to do a product endorsement yesterday. It was from a very nice lady and a very nice company offering me X if I would review their product X on my blog.

I replied, "Sorry. I don't do products."

You will not see ads on the Funny Pages, as long as I have control of that feature.

Nor will you see me hawking products (a la Cheesecake, Nuggs, whoever.....I still love you guys).

I am almost positive, these would be frowned on at work. Something about "using taxpayer resources for profit making" or some such. Stupid laws.

Also, I would imagine that someone could claim it was a perk or a freebie or directly linked to my position here in government. That, also, would be a FAIL.

If you see me promoting something on the Funnies, it will only be something I have purchased and think kicks so much ass that I had to share it with you.

Now, I know there are those who do this for money, or maybe that is just an added benefit.
There's nothing wrong with that. I say GO FOR IT!
God has blessed me and my family, in such, that I do this merely for enjoyment. Both mine and hopefully yours. I never intended for this to be a money maker.
It honestly helps my sanity and keeps me from going postal.

Unfortunately though, all these regulations means that you won't find me discussing politics on the Funnies, either
This really bites.
Do you know how much material from politics I have to eat?
Hell, I can't even run for public office. Which I know is a serious blow to those of you who've been begging me to.

All this being said:

If I WAS going to do product placement, it wouldn't for coffee mugs or free makeup or free donuts.

I'm thinking more like:

Ferrari...........................Call Me Mr. Ferrari.

Gold....................I'm not sure this would be a company endorsement, but I could always use some. Hey, it worked for Hammer and Ed McMahon.

Spaceshuttles...................It's not like NASA is going to be using them for much longer anyway. They would look really cool in my yard.

Tropical Islands........There's a bunch out there. I'm not picky.

Mormons......................You know they've got tons of cash. Plus, extra wives! (which may or may not be a good thing)

Breaks over. More this afternoon, maybe.


Travis said...

Hey. I never planned on these titties becoming money makers either. But you've gotta use what God gave you. Or in my case, what Pringles and Velveeta have given me.

You send these bishes to me to do products. I will sell out so fast y'alls little bloggy heads will spin.

That's real.

Daffy said...

Well...its good to know that my tax dollars aren't being wasted on you. Now, if we could only do something about clean, breathable air....

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

I won't do them either, but I will talk about how much I love Mercedes in hopes that they read me one day and want to share!

Tamara aka Cheapskate Mom said...

Oh Ed! now you got me feeling all bad for my little comment yesterday. How is it that you can poke fun at everybody and then I say something off the cuff and it's got you all butt hurt?

I was joking. I <3 you. Please forgive me.

Oh and send those bitches my way. I'll take their money. Ain't no shame in my game! hehe

adrienzgirl said...

Why so serious? (best Joker aka Heath Ledger impression I can muster)

Geez...get your panties out of their bunch, pull that wedgie outta you arse and chill man....

We heart you.

Stacie's Madness said...

good for you! stick to your guns.


i don't know if you follow nut in a nutshell but she got free glasses for giving this eyewear company a shout out, and i say God bless her for it, i'd do the same exact thing if anyone asked me to

but i get where you're coming from. we all have our lines. mine is giveaways. i'm just organized to do crap like that.

peace out

Ed Adams said...

This post is totally giving off the wrong idea.

I'm not pissed or bitchy.

I just wanted to throw that out there, and it seemed like a good set-up for the product placement thing.

Which, by the way, I don't have a problem with other people doing.

Pastor David said...

One of your other friendly government departments has decided to look over the shoulders of those who endorse.

Seems if you endorse and don't disclose financial interest the FCC intends to get you for $11000 a pop.


It's still cheaper than the indecency fine that CBS had to pay. And please Ed, no wardrobe malfunctions!

Travis said...

Geez Ed. Why you so miffed at us being miffed that you were miffed when we were miffed at you being miffed at us being miffed at you?

I want to say this. I love Pastor David.

That's real.

Pastor David said...

Oops. Wrong TLA (three letter acronym) in my post.

FTC is the agency.

moooooog35 said...

I would become the 'Billy Mays' of blogging if I had the chance.

You know..minus the whole 'being dead' thing.

Alison said...

The only products I am interested in blogging about or even reading about are the kinds of things that glue kids mouths shut!!!

Ms. Terri said...

If anyone offered me $$ for something on my blog, I'd sell out faster than a cheap crack whore looking for...well, crack.

Sebastian said...

Ah... the classic dilemma. Do you sell out, or not?!

I will probably be fairly 'big' soon, so I will need to find a good answer...

I think I would happily review products that are of interest to me. As long as they're prepared to receive a very scathing review of something I don't like, I don't think there's a problem.

Jay Ferris said...

My threshold for selling out falls quite a bit lower... say, somewhere right around free computers and cured meat products.

Phillipia said...

People get money for blogging????

If Peyton PHlaCe complains about me blogging at lunch or breaks, I am going to take up smoking; then they will have higher premiums for me:)


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