Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday's Slice O' Cheese....and contest info

Finally found my phone. Just happen to have a charged battery laying around. I suck at carrying and charging my phone. Probably cause I spend most of my day near a landline or computer, I never think about carrying mine. When I do have it, it's most likely dead. Anyway, grabbed it and the battery on the way to the boys soccer game. Get there, turn it on, 10 missed calls. Ooops. 5 voicemail, oldest being from a week ago, and 1 text message from Travis @ I Like To Fish

I'm so bad.

Went to the community day fair after soccer. Sheriff's Dept. was fingerprinting kids. They wouldn't do the baby cause, "before the age of 2, you really don't get any good prints.".... Looks like I found my new safe cracker........ Barney Fife didn't seem too amused when I said, "Crap! That means she's only got 10 more months to pull off her bank heist!"

Had a good datenight with the Mrs last evening. We browsed the flea market-type booths at the covered bridge festival. I spent lots of time standing and waiting, while she looked at all the wares. At least she didn't make me hold her purse.

Memorable event: Guy pulls up as we're crossing the street and says, " 'cuse meh. Do you know how I get to the bridge?". My always-eager-to-lend-a-hand wife steps forward and says (pointing with hand), "Yeah".....pause....."You go down that way"..........longer pause while still pointing......."then".........more pause....*guy looks at his watch....grass grows......a rooster is reformed*.......then, "Well, I don't remember what street it is, but you turn that (points right) way". Guys wife nudges him, he wakes up, says "Thanks" and pulls away. I throw in, "There's prolly a sign!". We're sooo helpful like that, even if we were out-of-towners ourselves.

Still need entries for your favorite funny video/commercial/spoof clips. I got 2 so far. Either e-mail them to me, or put it in the comments. Whether its a link or description, I'll find it. Winning clip will be posted next week. Winner will receive $1 million dollars.

(Winner will have their choice of collecting winnings in either I.O.U.'s redeemable for Monopoly money, or $1 Nigerian per year paid out over a million years.)


DiPaola Momma said...

You slay me! Um I think the wife and I might be related, she gives EXACTLY the same kick butt directons as my Dad does. I recall a..well we'll say less than legal nice hispanc gentleman asking him for directions. Dad also suffers from the delusion that he is a fluent Spanish speaker. In his best, I'm-a-fire-chief-there-for-very-official-and-reliable voice he proceeds to say "Si, aqui turney oohweste y en ochco milies turney esqueda y southay como un perro ayhair".. which translates someing like "Yes, here turn west and in 8 miles turn left and south when you see the dog there".. sure some of the words where in actual Spanish but by the look on the man's face he SOOO wasn't going ANYWHERE this guy suggested. Congrats on the date night, The DH and I get to go see U2 in two weeks and that I'm looking forward to in a BIG way.

Travis said...

All I'm sayin is, I want the monopoly money. I got a kid over here that likes it when I eat it. Yeah... I blogged about that.

CK Lunchbox said...

My wife likes to give directions to guys who are really asking for directions, they're asking for spare change.

Hey does this count for a commercial spoof?

Kim Ayres said...

I seem to have an "Established" look about me. People always seem to zero in on me for directions or information, even if it's the first time I've ever been there.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to say hi and thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog :)


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