Thursday, July 23, 2009

Black Jesus

It's a record. Two posts in one day. Well, I did skip yesterday. An not long after I finished that crappy one on Time, I had this thought and wanted to share it before it was gone.

I friend and co-worker of mine has a little Black Jesus on her desk, which I find hilarious. Seems that most people have traditionally thought of the Lord to look like themselves. Be it white, black, whatever.....I even saw a painting the other day, from Japan, of an Asian Jesus surrounded by disciples wearing Kimonos and those little Japanese hats.
I have discussed this with my friend who really believes Christ was Black.....and she even backed it up with some "verse" that says he had "hair of wool". That sounds more like he was a sheep, than THE shepherd.
I, myself, think of Christ as he was HISTORICALLY.......Jewish. Not white or black. More olive skinned, I guess. Of course, I am talking about the color, not the green or black things on Pizza. Otherwise, he would be an alien-if green, or my friend would be right-if black. No, I would say kind of like the majority of the people from the middle east today. Or similar to a Paula Abdul or Moriah Carey color.
However, then my friend mentioned that at Christmas time, her family pulls out their BLACK Santa's. Come on! That whole legend is based on a man from the Nordic or upper region of Europe. Not too many black people up there.
This was all sounding silly. I know to each his own, but what about historical accuracy?!?! Could this be reverse racism? If my friend is reading this, you know I love you, but "REALLY?!?!" What's next, little Black Abe Lincoln statures?
Maybe I'll start acting this way as well.........Pull out my little WHITE Martin Luther King Jr figurines......My kids will say, "Daddy, We thought he was really a great black civil rights leader?"...and I'll say, "That's just what the BROTHER wants you to think."....or, "Just during the month of February. After that, he's really white." .....
Why do we give so little attention to Truth, Facts, and History. True, not all of it's pretty, but does trying to change these types of things really better the world or ourselves?
Now, if you'll excuse me....I have to go polish off my little white Gandhi and Buddha.


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