Monday, March 5, 2012

10 Funniest Comedians - And Some Overrated Comics

As I mentioned, I have been listening and watching a lot of standup comedy the last couple of months.

It takes a lot to make me actually Laugh Out Loud.

Probably from years of over-exposure to all things funny, but usually I just smile and say, “That’s funny” or something.

That whole “I’m laughing on the inside” thing.

But when I do laugh, you KNOW it’s funny stuff.

Here are some recommendations:

Funniest Standup Comics
1.   Jim Gaffigan – “Hot Pockets!”…He’s from Indiana, so he gets extra credit for that. Seriously though, he rarely fails to make me laugh.
2.   Russell Peters – American comic of Indian Heritage…This guy does racial material better than anybody else, including Chris Rock. Hilarious! Think Carlos Mencia, only Indian, smarter, funnier, and writes his own stuff instead of stealing material like Mencia.
3.   Mitch Hedberg – Brilliant comic with awkward style/delivery. I wish I would have heard of him sooner, but sadly, this guy died a few years ago of a drug overdose. His stuff is still out there and definitely worth a listen.
4.   Daniel Tosh – Yes, he’s offensive and can be a dick. But he’s only saying what everyone else wants to say, which is why he is so funny.
5.   Demetri Martin- Some people don’t like this guy, probably because his material goes over their head, but I have always found his humor smart and funny.
6.   Mike Birbiglia – Check out his specials.
7.   Rodney Carrington – Probably the funniest “southern” comic working today.
8.   Dave Chappelle Funniest Black Comedian working today. I remember when he first started out and nobody knew who he was. I still remember thinking, that guy is going to be Big Time someday.
9.    John Pinette – Funniest Fat Comedian working. The rest are still in line at the buffet.
10.  Maria Bamford – Probably the funniest Female comedian today. Think Ellen Degeneres in her prime, minus the lesbo side.

I know this list isn’t complete, and there are probably several I am missing, but these were the first that came to mind, which says a lot.

My Favorite Classic Comedians
1.     Rodney Dangerfield – The Grandfather
2.     Robin Williams – ADHD personified
3.     Richard Pryor – Best Black Comedian EVAH
4.     Eddie Murphy – Pryor Protege
5.     Bill Cosby – Excellent clean standup
6.     Bernie Mac - R.I.P.

Of the ones that are still alive, they rarely do standup anymore.

And now, here are some popular comics that I find thoroughly UNFUNNY!

These guys are grossly over-rated.

Most are needlessly vulgar and lack real talent, but for some reason people still love them.

The ALL-Time Worst/Unfunny Comedian List
1.   Dane Cook
2.   Dennis Leary
3.   Sam Kinnison
4.   Paula Poundstone
5.   Greg Giraldo
6.   Lisa Lampinelli

This list is by no means complete either.

Well, there you have it. Those are strictly my opinions. Check them out and decide for yourself whether you agree with me or not.

Also, if you have a recommendation for someone missing from one of the above lists, leave it in the comments for us to discuss.


Pearl said...

I agree with a lot of this.

Funny, I never thought of Richard Pryor as, well, funny. Always found him kind of sad...


Anonymous said...

Jim Gaffigan never fails to make me laugh. I also love love love Daniel Tosh. He's so inappropriate and I love it. Bill Cosby is the man though. I saw him a few years back and can now die a happy woman.

Brutalism said...

I was lucky enough to see Mitch Hedberg twice in person before he died. (and only once since). He was the best.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

I was nodding along there till your unfunny list came along. Denis Leary USED to be funny as hell. Now I can't even look at him but back in the 'No Cure For Cancer' days he was awesome. As were his old SNL 60 second shorts.

And Greg Giraldo, for real? Guy is hilarious. Well would be if he wasn't dead. But he WAS. I'd watch anything that guy did.

I'd like to punch Tosh.0 in the fanny he's such a dick, but admittedly sometimes a funny, offensive one. Demetri is original at least and a little more subtle.

I saw some stand up by Australian comedian Jim Jeffries recently which was pretty funny. He's so damn graphic and totally offensive but yet...I laughed. Oh well.

I have spoken, Mr. Ed.

The Office Scribe said...

Dana Carvey - Choppin' Broccoli

Will always make me giggle like the 7 year old girl I keep in the trunk of my car.

Wait, huh?

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

Dane Cook * barf *

We've been watching Lisa Lampinelli on Celebrity Apprentice and I'm still waiting for 1 laugh.

Dave Chappelle was funny before he went crazy and went AWOL.

Great list!

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

My kids love Daniel Tosh!

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

Dang...Gallagher nor Carlin made your lists. Both are funny as shit. Too bad Carlin died and Gallagher isn't doing too good these days either.

Mikah Sykes said...

Yes. Unfunny comics: you forgot jeff Dunham! How could anyone find those people funny? And how the hell did they get so famous??? Also Paul f Tompkins deserves to be up there with gaffigan. He's brilliant!

Dylan Brokenshire said...

For me the funniest people ever are
1.Dawn French
2.Kathrine Ryan
3.Michael Macintire
4.Miranda Hart
5.Jo Brand


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