Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Personal, "Learn From My FAIL" or LFMF

The other night I sat down with the Wife to watch some TV shows online.

We have several that we regularly follow but have missed several episodes of.

I go to one of my favorite sites for streaming TV shows, Movies, and videos.

I went up to the search box and began typing without really paying attention.

Suddenly, my wife says, "Errrr....what EXACTLY are we watching?"

That's when I look up and notice my FAIL:

When Googling "Big Bang Episodes", pay attention to what you are typing when you start, because the letter "B" is right next to "N" on the keyboard.

That's right, I had typed in a search for "Nig Bang".

We laughed hysterically for a good 10 mins, to the point we both almost peed are pants.

No, not because we are racists, or because the idea of watching Racially-Insensative Black Porn is funny to us.

Is was more like....when you see someone trip and ALMOST fall into the wedding cake...something like that but different.

It was late, it was dark (no pun intended), and we were both very tired.

And the realization that we narrowly escaped seeing something shockingly different from what we were expecting to see, just struck us as funny.

So be careful what you are looking for.


Coffeypot said...

Black porn??? What was that site again? Porn of any color is good.

hotpants™ said...


Angie said...

Well at least it didn't autofill some of the things you had searched when you were alone!


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