Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Chatting With AT&T Service Reps: Ms. ANNA Reset.

Since I have been falsely and racially (what? I'm part Cherokee!) accused of making these chat conversations up, I copy/pasted/posted this one in it's entirety, with only minimal editing (in BLUE) to save space.

It's long. (TWSS)

Enjoy! (TWHS)

Anna: Thank you for contacting Business Data Support. My name is Anna. Before we begin, can I confirm the wireless number that we will be working with is 7655062367?
Edward Adams: yep
Anna: Thank you.
Anna: I understand you are unable to access the Internet?
Edward Adams: yep
Anna:   *paraphrasing here* Do this and that and clear a bunch of stuff and tell her what it says
Edward Adams: "No Network Connection: Cannot connect to Internet. Please check your connection settings and try again."
Anna: OK.
Anna: Are you able to clear those settings?
Edward Adams: I did. It took me back to the browser, but still says "Web page not found"
Anna: Thank you.
Anna: Please remove the battery & let me know when it is out.
Edward Adams: its out
Anna: One moment please.
Anna: Thank you for waiting. Please put this in & power it back on
Edward Adams: powering up now
Anna: Thank you.
Edward Adams: okay, now what
Anna: Is this displaying 3G or E by the service bars?
Edward Adams: nope
Anna: Same error when you try to access the Internet?
Edward Adams: yep
Anna: Thank you.
Anna: Go into settings, accounts & sync, do you have a check mark for background data?
Edward Adams: yes
Anna: Thank you.
Anna: Let's go ahead & remove the battery one more time, this time remove the SIM as well please.
Edward Adams: okay
Anna: Thank you. May I get the number on the SIM please? It states with 890.
Edward Adams: 89014103211816049914
Anna: Thank you.
Anna: Please put this back in & power it back on.
Edward Adams: I don't get this. It was working until yesterday afternoon.
Edward Adams: Did I break the internet? hahahaha
Anna: I don't think that you broke it. Haha. Have you been to any other location since this issue began?
Edward Adams: Nope. Just home and work
Edward Adams: I use the wifi at home
Anna: Are you at home or work right now?
Edward Adams: work
Edward Adams: ssssshhhh…don’t tell
Anna: Oh, I won't. When you were at home, did you try the browser without Wi-Fi to see if the issue was still occurring?
Edward Adams: yes and it was
Anna: Thank you. How far away is your work from home?
Edward Adams: about 3 miles
Edward Adams: My wifi is not THAT good
Edward Adams: Currently still no network on phone
Anna: I understand, I am just trying to determine if this is a network issue.
Anna: Is this your only AT&T device that you have available right now?
Edward Adams: yes, BUT my wife called and hers is doing the same thing and she has the same phone too.
Edward Adams: her number is 7655061845
Edward Adams: I guess that’s what we get for buying the refurb phones from AT&T…lol
Anna: Okay. It does appear that it may be a network issue, but we do have to complete all troubleshooting to be able to look into filing a network ticket. At this point, I would recommend a factory data reset. This will wipe the device back to factory settings, so you will want to make sure that you have it backed up, either to your Gmail account, SIM, or media on the SD card.
Edward Adams: oh crap
Edward Adams: how do I do all that?
Anna: Your contacts should be automatically synced with Gmail unless you changed that setting when you setup the phone. Are you able to access your Gmail account while at work to verify?
Edward Adams: Look, it’s OBVIOUSLY not just MY phone. Let's just say we did this thing, without doing it, and you put in the ticket.
Anna: I cannot do that, we would need to try this. The settings can be caught in the device where the master reset will resolve the issue.
Edward Adams: Plus, I only see my gmail contacts in gmail, not my phone contacts.
Anna: We can also copy the contacts to your SIM card, it will copy one phone number per name, up to 250 contacts.
Edward Adams: What about the apps I downloaded? AND all my passwords and stuff?
Edward Adams: Do you know how long it took me to setup up this phone so I could use all my stuff?!!!
Edward Adams: PLUS, all the data usage I already used up getting them in the first place....are you guys going to refund that if I have to do it all over again?
Edward Adams: And why is it affecting both phones on our account? I don't see how resetting my phone is going to fix my wife's too
Anna: If it resolves your device, than the same steps will resolve hers. All troubleshooting must be completed to get approval to file a network ticket.
Edward Adams: :(
Edward Adams: ANNA! Come on!
Edward Adams: Seriously?
Anna: It does have to be done, if it is not done & a ticket is filed, it will go nowhere.
Edward Adams: grrrr.....I should just box these up and send them back to AT&T and switch to Verizon.
Edward Adams: We haven't even had these a month and now they BOTH go down at the SAME TIME.
Anna: I do understand if you feel that way, it is not the best process but this is the fastest solution. If you had them less than 30 days, you can also exchange them for buyers remorse.
Edward Adams: okay, since you are unwilling to bend the rules or deviate from your script, how do I move every to my card.
Anna: From Home screen, tap Contacts, amd export to SIM card.
Edward Adams: Seriously, Anna, this network issue is common sense. You are losing serious cool points with me.
Anna: I understand, however, everything does have to be done.
Edward Adams: Luckily, all but one of my contacts were already on my sim card.
Edward Adams: what about the apps?
Anna: Go into settings, applications, manage applications. From here you can select each application & if available you can move it to the SD card. Personally, I think logging in from the computer after the reset & going into your history and resending them to your phone is a bit easier.
Edward Adams: And logging in works?
Anna: That is how I have restored my applications. You just select the application and select download & it automatically starts downloading onto your phone again.
Edward Adams: okay. I'll take your word for it and do it at home over wifi.
Edward Adams: now what
Anna: To do the master reset, go into settings, privacy, factory data reset.
Edward Adams: OMG! You better hope this works. If it doesn't, I am sooooooo sending zombies to your house!
Anna: I understand completely.
Anna: While this is going, may I get your current location address as well please?
Edward Adams: Are you talking my home address or my work, cause I am currently at work.
Anna: Your work address please.
Edward Adams: I work for the Federal Government. I can't tell you that. I could, but I would have to kill you if I did.
Edward Adams: lol
Edward Adams: 1700 E. 38th St., Marion, Indiana
Anna: Thank you.
Anna: How is this going?
Edward Adams: slowly
Edward Adams: Like a spelling bee with a bunch of dyslexic stuttering kids
Anna: Hahahaha…Okay.
Edward Adams: Home screen, FINALLY!
Anna: Is this displaying 3G or E by the service bars?
Edward Adams: OMG! ANNA!!!!
Edward Adams: My phone just exploded in a million pieces. There is shrapnel EVERYWHERE!
Edward Adams: J/’s working
Edward Adams: I'll call off the zombies
Anna: Haha.
Edward Adams: Excellent. Now, come to my house and download all my apps again for me.
Anna: You will want to try the same steps with your wife's phone. I can email you this steps so you have them available.
Edward Adams: That would be great, thanks. She'll love you for deleting her Angry Birds high score, I can tell you already.
Anna: It is possible that the troubleshooting will work before needing to go as far as a master reset.
Edward Adams: I hope so. For your sake anyway, cause she's not nearly as forgiving and nice as me.
Edward Adams: :)
Anna: Haha. Do you have any other questions I can assist you with?
Edward Adams: What's the meaning of life? Why is the sky blue? Where is Jimmy Hoffa? Why can't the Cubs win the World Series? Where is Waldo AND Carmen Sandiago? What should I have for lunch? What are tonights Powerball numbers?
Edward Adams: other than those....nope.
Edward Adams: Thanks again.
Anna: Hahahaha…You are VERY welcome.
Anna: Thank you for your business and have a pleasant day.


Sarah Pearson said...

You're better than me, I think I would have cried.

ipenka said...

Its good when you can make the customer service rep laugh.

I cracked up when you gave up the address before she said anything.

Coffeypot said...

Dude, the phones are less than a month old. Take them to the AT&T store and swap them out. The nerds at the store will set up all your aps and pictures and porn and stuff right there. Less than 30 min.

Angie said...

She had a great sense of humor, but I'm seeing more and more AT&T tech issues by the day. You're a heck of a lot nicer than I am. I just don't have the patience for the chat stuff.

Momma Fargo said...

I did exactly as she said...took AT&T and did a master reset and got a new phone and company.

laughingmom said...

I love how these customer reps are trained to say "thank you" to every reply when you KNOW they are thinking"f*** you!"

AtYourCervix said...

"Anna" is really Punjabahari Dehlihaniyani in India, you do know that, right?

The Office Scribe said...

Cubs can't wine a World Series because they are the Cubs.

There, problem solved.

Wait, aren't you from Indiana? Shouldn't you be a Sox fan since your entire state is basically part of our South Side?


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