Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Comedy Club Is Run By A Bunch Of Comedians & I Am Making A Great First Impression At Work.

So, you might have noticed that I've been quiet around the blogosphere lately.

Well, I've been busy with real life stuff, but that's just an excuse.

Really, I have been storing up my funny and trying to write some kickass comedy for my standup routine.

I wanted my first time up to be AWESOMELY funny.

SO AWESOME, that they BEG me to come back every night! And even offer me free Diet Cokes.

So far, I have written an bunch of crap.

I blame that on my attempt to keep it clean for my saintly mother's ears.

BUT, I have also had quite the adventure getting my name on the open mic list.

Let me recap:

I decided on Cracker's Comedy Club. It's centrally located in the state and very popular.

So I called.

Comedy Club Phone Answer Girl: "Cracker's Broad Ripple!"
Me:"Yeah, Hi! I was wanting to get some information on Open Mic night."
Comedy Club Phone Answer Girl: "Okay. You have to e-mail Chris at (email address slightly different than address for club)."
Me:"Chris, you say? Okay, thanks."

So I sent the following on a Thursday:

To: Chris @ email address

Hi Chris,
My name is Ed Adams. I was told I needed to talk to you about open mic night at Crackers Broad Ripple. I wanted to get some info and possibly see about getting a slot. Any info you can provide would be great.
Thanks In Advance

Monday, I get this back:

To: Ed
From: Steve

Here is a link for our Facebook page. Click on the DISCUSSIONS tab and you'll see a section on FAQs.


After spending 5 mins looking at this email, trying to find the non-existent Facebook link, I finally just looked them up myself on Facebook. Found the Discussions tab. was a blank page.

I sent this back:

To: Chris, or Steve, or Brent, or whoever

There was no link in your email to the Facebook page. I'm going to assume this was a joke. Haha. I managed to find the Facebook page on my own, and went to the DISCUSSIONS tab as you suggested. There was no FAQ section. Another joke? You guys are hilarious!
So here's what I wanted to know: How does open mic night work? Do I just put my name on the list in advance? Do you have to show up early the night of, like first come first served? Is it the standard 3 to 5 min slots? Is there any material/subjects/language that are offlimits, per the club?

That was Tuesday of this week. So far, they haven't replied.


I have a New Old Guy.

Except this guy isn't Old old. He's only 54. So he's like Young old. But he's older than me. And he's been at the VA for 32 years.

Anyway, he's a lot like my old Old Guy. By that, I mean he's cool.

Which is good, cause the other day, this happened:

New Young Old Guy Office Mate: *Cough, cough, gag, cough*
Me: "You alright, dude?"
NYOGOM: "Ahem.....yeah.....*cough*.....I just swallowed and it went in the wrong hole."
Me: "HA! That's what she said!"
NYOGOM: "What?"
Me: "I said, I had an ex-girlfriend like that once."
NYOGOM: *laughing, cough, cough, gag, cough*


Coffeypot said...

54??? You don't need to be running around with those kids. Find you a man...(that's what Elton John said.)

ScoMan said...


What the hell is that????

I'm pretty sure Brent is a tool and Steve is an idiot. Chris I like though.

If you do get a time slot, you should totally do jokes about how ridiculous the process to get a time slot was.

You're lucky to get a new old guy. They never replaced mine.

I'm so lost...

Miss Yvonne said...

I say you just show up and when they introduce another comic, you just comic-block him and jump up there.

kate said...

You should bring your own microphone and do stand up outside the club's front door. No one goes inside until they laugh at you. It'll totally work.

Tiffany said...

Re: the comedy club people-- super. annoying. they should be kicked in the teeth and i'm being totally serious.

i'd love a new office buddy. since i'm kind of a stay at home mom though so i guess that means i'd like a new husband...actually, if we just got us both a new wife that did housework, that would be awesome.

Kimi said...

Who knew getting into an open mic night would be such a bitch. Honestly just direct them to your blog in the next email. That or tell them to 'SUCK IT'. I find that works well...mostly for pissing people off.

otherworldlyone said...

That's such bullshit. Go up there and punch um in the nuts! You might have to go for open mic night at a different place, but at least you made your point: You're funny AND dangerous. Like Jackie fucking Chan.

Also, stop giveing all your good stuff to your new old guy. (Ha, I kill myself.)

Anonymous said...

See? You shoulda went to the place I suggested!! When are men ever gonna realize that I am always right?!

Momma Fargo said...

I see you are on your game. Nice one. I think maybe not for your mom, however. LOL

Pat said...

Maybe they are seeing if you could pass the test. I think you passed with flying colors.

Glad you got a new playmate, er, co-worker.

BugginWord said...

They probably didn't respond because you failed the test by passing up on the chance to make a "slot" joke. Those guys are tricky. That's what she said.

Kristine said...

Yeah, I kind of hate Brent and/or Steve. Just show up and pull a Kanye or something.
Also, this needs to be shared with your adoring readers. The stand-up bit, that is. You have a camera crew, right?

Jenny DB said...

Clearly that was their interview. Based on your most recent post, looks like you passed. Well, I guess I'm passing you a bit prematurely.. do let us know how it goes!


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