Monday, January 25, 2010

An Update, A Rant, A Cheer, and Pimpin' for Lily

A quick update:

My second Stickman is coming along nicely.

It’s a time consuming process. The last Stickman toon had 65 frames.

That’s SIXTY-FIVE individual MS Paint drawings!

This one already has that many and it’s only a quarter of the way done.

The good news is I think I discovered what killed Walt Disney. It was either tediousness or eraser burns.

During my prolonged absence, my follower count has done this….


The possible reasons for this are:

1. My blog has a revolving door just like Paris Hilton’s nether regions.

2. When it comes to following me, some people are more indecisive than Bret Favre mulling retirement.

3. Somebody just now noticed that they didn’t make my List of 13, and got all PMSy.

4. Some people had the unfortunate luck of window shopping my blog while the store was closed.

5. Essentially, I have only lost a total of one follower, so who really cares what the reason is.

6. One of my followers was visiting some friends in Haiti prior to the quake, and now they are trapped under a building but amazingly still have internet access so they are able to unfollow me because now they're just bitter.

As my five year old says, “They’re going to the Super Goal!”

As an aside: This is what happens when you let your child play soccer instead of forcing them to play football.
I’ll try and do a Monday Memoir post later, even though Travis totally dissed me and my Tarheels on Lily’s blog.

By the way, if you don’t follow Lily, or haven’t read her stuff, you totally should. She is super funny. In fact, she is just outside my Top 13, like maybe 14 or 15 somewhere. And that’s only because she occasionally posts some serious bidniz, or really purty writin stuff. And I’m all about the funnies. I read the purty stuff, but it makes me feel all emotiony and womany. Feel like I’m getting my own cycle.

Check her out though.


Just Another Momma said...

It's got to be the revolving door, just like Paris

Monique-aka-Surferwife23 said...

It's probably because you are a Colts fan.

Lucky for you, your kid sounds cute, so I'll stay another day or two.

Tony said...

I looked over at the side bar on your blog, and I saw that I'm on the list! Thank you good sir.

And the Colts are totally going to tear the Saints vaginas.

Should be an awesome game.

hotpants™ said...

Sometimes I think the Followers Gadget is simply PMSing.

5thsister said...

Congrats on the Colts...the team I'll probably root for in the Superbowl. Even though the Saints have the "cinderella" factor going for them I don't think I can bring myself to root for division rivals.

Travis said...

Yeah dude. I didn't dis you. I DID dis Chapel Hill, and I AM going to dis the Colts.

Fuck the Colts.

There. You're all caught up.

And don't worry about your follower woes. Hell, I have 210, and I posted 3 hours ago and have 1 comment. You posted 14 seconds ago, and are about to have 6.


Daffy said...

DO NOT get all womany or emotiony on me...that would be just fucked up and I would have to UNFollow decisively.

In a female/hormone weighted blogworld we NEED your testosterone...however diminished it may be from the recent snip snip

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

On the bright side, you make em leave and then come back for more.

Cassie said...

It means your attempts at alienation are weak and pathetic. Try harder.

The Vegetable Assassin said...

When you said "all womany" did you mean MORE womany than all those Saturdays when you pranced around in front of the full length mirror in stilettos and your mama's dress? :)

Oh wait, was that a secret?

The Blue Zoo said...

I dont know whats funnier, your post or the comments that everyone has left!

the iNDefatigable mjenks said...

Reading your run-down of Stick-Man has made me think of the South Park episode where they try to make an episode of South Park.

Funny stuff, man. Funny stuff.

Moooooog35 said...

I thought Paris Hilton's vagina is more like a church than a revolving door.

"Everyone welcome."

Plus, revolving doors are FUN - and I'm sure that nailing that would mean having to actually LISTEN to her and, really, who needs that crap?

Coffeypot said...

Don’t worry about the head count in the Followers section. I lost two last week (one you know), but you keep on keeping on. We can’t please everyone as some don’t please me. Just do your thing and the sun will still come up in the East and set somewhere over there behind those trees. You doing any porn stick men stuff?

Narm said...

I like the Colts but my Lady Friend has a crush on Peyton Manning and I like to think that she has better taste in men than him. I mean - great QB - but not exactly a male model.


it's called GETTING THE OVARIES, Ed and i'm not on your (stupid) list and it doesn't bother me one (god damn) bit.

despite that fact, i would still like you to become the 2nd male featured as a sftc top blog. just email me if you wanna do it

that is, if you can find the time b/t tampon changes

ScoMan said...

I think it's funny when the follower count does that. I like to think it's all the one person (or few people) just jumping on and off the bandwagon.

adrienzgirl said...

I just can't quit you Ed!


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