Monday, August 17, 2009

Melancholy Mondays and My Lack of Funniness...

Monday's are long days,
and not very fun days.
They're far from bright and cheery,
and rather quite boring and dreary.
As Monday approaches,
I picture being eaten by roaches.

Maybe it is their name,
that causes me my pain.
And yet I am determined,
to rid myself of this burden.
I vow from this day and on,
to make Mondays more fun!

I think I'll start with a change,
where it needs it most---It's name.
Monday will now be known as Funday,
work will be optional and filled with play.
I'll also add a poem about the day,
Although I have no idea what to say.

How about this, I hate Mondays.....
Cause they suck! Just like my Poem.


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